Electronic Product Design and Development

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Electronic Product Design

Argus Systems is a globally recognized Electronic Product Design Company Offering Product Engineering services worldwide with strong presence in Consumer, Industrial, Telecom, Defense and Aerospace domains. We provide turnkey Electronic product design from concept definition to development of a fully tested and standard compliant product ready for volume manufacturing. We innovate, research and help in creatively designing new products as per requirement.

Our Product design services include Systems Architecture, Design capture, PCB layout Design, Design Analysis (Signal Integrity Analysis, EMI Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Reliability Analysis), Embedded Software Development and Electronic Manufacturing Services (PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly and Testing) for Engineering prototypes and production.
Our domain expertise is in Electronic Product Engineering, Printed Circuit Board Design and Development, FPGA Design, Embedded Software and Electronic Manufacturing gives us an edge over any other company. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best-engineering-practices, and strong relationships with customers.

Our team has experience in various activities in complete electronic product design processes like:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Systems Architecture, Hardware and software partitioning
  • Product Cost and Technical trade-off analysis
  • System Design and analysis as per regulatory requirements
  • Product Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis
  • Compliance and Regulatory management

PCB Design

We design Multi-Layer High speed digital, Analog & RF PCB taking into consideration of real-world manufacturing and test requirements. We also provide Hardware Re-Engineering, Reverse Engineering and Electronic Design support Services.

Design Analysis

We provide PCB Level, Multi Board & system-level design analysis covering Signal Integrity, Thermal, Power Integrity, EMI, Reliability, Derating, availability & maintainability analysis for applications like Space, Telecom, Defence, Industrial, Medical, Computing and Automotive.

Test Engineering

We provide Product Verification & Validation (V&V), Compliance Testing Engineering and Product Compliance Certification by getting product tested and certified for the industry standards like FCC, UL, CE.




We have designed and developed mission-critical embedded applications based on multiple CPU/DSP Architectures for Wireless, Networking , Audio-Video & Security Applications. We have expertise of building integral components like File Systems, Boot loaders, OS & Kernel, various Libraries & Drivers.


SoC & FPGA design and verification performed by experienced designers with an established track record. We Have Product Portfolio of many IP’s & VIP’s. We also Provides resources to customers for carrying out various VLSI activities.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

We develop the cost effective industrial design of the enclosure,
create a detailed mechanical design coupled with design documentation and build prototypes in various material such as MS, SS, Aluminium and Plastic

Argus Systems a globally recognized Electronic Product Design company with Its Operations in India, USA, UK, Australia offers services with strong presence in Consumer Electronics , IoT, Industrial Electronics , Telecom, Medical, Defence and Aerospace Technology domains.