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PCB Assembly Services

Argus Systems (AESPL) a globally recognized Printed Circuit Board fabricator and Turnkey PCBA company providing PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly Services (PCBA) for Its Global Clients in India, USA, UK, and Australia as per Automotive ( IATF 16949 ), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Aerospace & Defense (AS9100D, MIL-PRF, LCSO) quality management standards. This Unit has been established for captive requirements as well for enterprises requiring electronic contract manufacturing services.

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    Turnkey PCBA Services

  • PCB Assembly (UL, RoHS, ISO) with the Highest Quality and on-time delivery for Fine Pitch surface mount components (SMT Assembly), through hole Components (THT Assembly) and press Fit components ( Press-Fit Assembly).
  • Focus on Engineering prototypes, NPI, Rapid Prototyping, Low-mid Volume manufacturing with Quick turnaround time.
  • Supports Single-sided, Double-sided, Surface mount assembly, Through-hole assembly and press fit assembly PCBA Services
  • PCBA Services of surface mount and through hole components on Rigid, Flexible, and Flex-Rigid PCB's.
  • Meticulous Turnkey PCB assembly services backed by highly skilled professionals and processes.
  • A comprehensive multi-stage QC process ensures consistent quality and high Printed Circuit Board Assembly yield.
  • Production Process Includes AOI, FPT, X-ray inspection, Conformal Coating.
  • Press Fit Assembly including Design and manufacturing of press fit connector assembly.
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    PCBA Services Capablities

  • PCB assembly manufacturing services with turnkey and consignment basis, Materials procurement, and management.
  • Emphasis on material/Kit verification to minimize in-process delays rejects and reworks.
  • Quality control types of equipment, backed by a highly-skilled test engineering team.
  • Development of Customer specific Test jig and PCBA Test Fixtures.
  • Support for SMT Assembly, Through Hole Assembly, BGA Assembly, Micro BGA assembly, BGA Reworks, BGA Rebelling, Chip on Board (COB) Assembly.
  • Complete electronic product assembly services including plastics,sheet metal,programming,functional & performance testing.
  • Hot-lot Printed Circuit Board Assembly services for Urgent Requirements using reserved resources.
  • Pick and deliver support to improve turnaround time.
  • Cost-effective ,High mix, Mixed Technology ( SMT, Through Hole, Press-fit ), low to medium volume manufacturing solutions.

SMT assembly solutions for PCBA

Electronic Assembly Services Focus Area

  • Offers Turn‐key SMT assembly solutions for PCBA.
  • Low to Mid Volume and High Mix Turnkey PCBA.
  • Focus on Electronic Assembly services for Engineering prototype PCB , NPI, Rapid Prototyping.
  • Work closely with customers for Quality and consistent on‐time delivery.
  • Certified for ISO 9001‐2015.
Electronic Assembly Facilities in india

Electronic Assembly Services Facilities

  • ESD safe Electronic Assembly & material stores area.
  • Highly trained and dedicated workforce .
  • SMT Assembly Line for PCBA.
  • Manual Electronic Assembly Line.
  • Electronic Assembly Production lines equipped with Optical Inspection system for checking the quality of solder joints
  • Uninterrupted Power Back up.
Electronics Manufacturing Line

Electronics Manufacturing SMT & THT Line

  • Humidity Controlled storage.
  • Baking Chamber.
  • Stencil printer.
  • Solder paste inspection.
  • Pick & Place SMT Assembly.
  • Reflow ovens with RoHS capability.
  • Automatic Optical Inspection.
  • X-Ray Inspection.
  • Glue Dispenser.
  • Wave Soldering.
  • Selective Soldering.
  • Press fit assembly.
  • Rework station( IR, Hot Air).
  • PCBA Cleaning.
  • Solder Pot, Solder Hot Plate.
  • Conformal Coating.
  • Epoxy Potting.
  • Flying Probe Tester.
  • End-of-line Tester.
  • ESD packaging.
Customer Challenges

Electronics Manufacturing Services - Challenges

  • Contract manufactures Interested in only High volume, low‐mid complexity manufacturing which does not Require Production Line Re‐profiling and reconfigurations.
  • Manufacturers may not give priority to Engineering PCB Prototypes, Rapid Prototyping, and reworks requirements as it does not fit to their revenue model.
  • Many Electronic Manufacturing Services companies may not have a robust QC process in place for Quick Turn (mostly Hand soldering) prototype PCB assembly as it’s not their business focus.
  • Slippage in Delivery dates is common with no mechanism for tracking delays & Manufacturers are not proactive in notifying component, PCB, and footprint related issues early on.
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Differentiated Electronics Manufacturing

  • Dedicated team to support New Product Introduction (NPI) & Prototyping which enables quick turnaround time for PCB prototype quantities leading to trial production for the end customer.
  • The optical inspection clubbed with experienced QC staff assures defect-free experienced QC staff assures defect-free parts delivered to the customers.
  • Comprehensive material verification to minimize in‐process delays & rejects to ensure consistent on‐time delivery.
  • Workmanship guarantee and meticulous assembly backed by highly skilled QC & QA team.
  • Hot‐lot assembly services for NPI and PCB Prototype assembly requirements using reserved resources.
  • Pick‐up and delivery support to improve turnaround time.
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Test Engineering

  • Standard test equipment backed by a highly-skilled test engineering team.
  • Digital Oscilloscopes, Spectrum analyzer.
  • Digital Volt/current meters, LCR meters.
  • Signal Generators, Frequency Counters.
  • Variable power supplies.
  • Access to Environmental Test Setup.
  • Development of Customer specific Test Jigs and test fixtures for testing
  • PCB Test jig for Panellized board testing. PCBA Testing Jig for dual access, bi-level PCB Test fixture.
  • End-of-line (EOL) Test Jig Fixture.
  • The Dedicated Test engineering team for Post assembly functional & performance tests
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT) Development.
  • Electronic Assembles as per Automotive (IATF 16949 ),Medical Devices ( ISO 13485 ),Aerospace & Defense ( AS9100D ) quality management standards.
Wave Soldering

Through hole Assembly - Wave Soldering

  • If your assembly requires conventional THT mounted components, our team will use a wave soldering machine to automate the process. In a matter of seconds, through-hole components are soldered to the printed circuit board, resulting in mechanically and electrically reliable joints.
  • Hand Soldering is used on components that cannot be wave soldered. A process requiring exceptional craftsmanship and levels of attention, our soldering engineers use a hand-held soldering iron, selecting suitably sized tips to form joints that meet the exact requirements of your assembly.
  • The AESPL team will provide guidance on the most suitable techniques ( wave soldering, Selective soldering, hand soldering) to enhance the performance of your specific assembly.
 PCB Selective soldering

Through hole Assembly - Selective Soldering

  • Selective soldering is a process of soldering selected electronic components to a PCB. The components are selected by way of a program that is created using an image of the PCB specifying where flux and solder are to be applied.
  • selective soldering is done by preheating, applying flux, and soldering. In both processes, the temperature of the assembly is raised before soldering (preheating).
  • in selective soldering the application of flux is only to the components that are to be soldered. In this processes the PCB is exposed to a molten wave of solder. In selective soldering, only individual connections see the wave (one after the other).
  • Though Selective soldering is a slower process than wave soldering but it is much more precise and it allows independent configuration of the soldering of each position.
Press fit connector

Press fit Assembly

  • press-fit solutions are compliant pins with an elastic nature that will flex during insertion and maintain a permanent contact normal force once placed.
  • When the pin is inserted, strong contact normal forces between the compliant pin and the plated through hole generate cold welded interconnections on their own.
  • Press Fit connector Assembly including Design and manufacturing of press fit connector assembly.
  • Assembly of Press Fit connectors on PCB.
  • Design and manufacturing of press fit tools as per connector data sheet.
  • can support specific press-in force [ Typical 85 N ] as per connector specification.
  • can support specific press-in speed [Typical 100mm/min] as per connector specification.
  • Design and manufacturing of press out tools as per connector data sheet.
BGA Assembly

BGA Assembly , BGA Rework, BGA reballing

  • With proven process and Industry standard equipment's and backed by skilled professionals , argus offers High yield rate PCB Assemblies Having micro Ball Grid Array and leadless packages.
  • Precise Placement of LGA, CBGA, PBGA and uBGA’s with aid of automated BGA Rework station.
  • Diverse re-flow profiles & 300x magnification for ball to pad matching to work with BGA’s with pitch size from 0.3 mm.
  • Removal & Replacement of LGA, BGA, uBGA, Flipchip, CSP’s.
  • uBGA & BGA Rework.
  • BGA Reballing of 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm BGA chip with specilaised BGA Reballing Process.
  • Verification of BGA assembly, BGA rework using x-ray system.
PCB X-Ray Inspection

PCBA X-Ray Inspection

  • PCB assembly includes Solder Joint quality analysis with x-ray inspection and digital stereoscope as per IPC-A-610 Acceptable Solder Criteria for class 1, Class 2 and class 3 Printed Circuit Board Assembly.
  • BGA X-ray Inspection are done to pinpoint the exact issue before performing any re-work or repair on the non-working boards.
  • PCB assembly Soldering quality analysis with x-ray inspection system for devices with packages such as CBGA, PBGA, Micro BGA, Flip-chip, CSP, LGA and QFN.

PCBA SMT Stencil

  • Laser Cut PCB Stencil for PCB Assembly applications.
  • frameless and Framed SMT Micro stencil, SMT mini stencils and full board SMT stencils for solder paste applications as per IPC-7525B standard.
  • framed Full board SMT Stencil for top & bottom side.
  • PCB stencil frame material : Aluminium.
  • SMT stencil foil material : stainless steel.
  • PCB stencil foil thickness : 4/5/6/8 mil.
  • stepped SMT stencils solution for optimized solder paste release and improved volumetric repeatability for complex component mixes.
SMT Reflow pallet

SMT Reflow pallet

  • SMT reflow pallet can be used during the entire SMT process (printing, placement and reflowing) to support, protect and transport printed circuit boards of different sizes and shapes including flex and rigid-flex PCBs.
  • SMT carriers can help reduce soldering defects, improve repeatability and reduce labor cost.
  • Argus SMT reflow solder pallets are custom made to meet your particular job requirements.
wave solder pallet

SMT/THT wave solder pallet

  • Wave soldering process is used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to solder through-hole components.
  • Wave solder pallets are used during wave soldering on circuit boards that require thermal or solder protection.
  • Argus wave solder pallets are custom made to meet your particular PCB Assembly job requirements.
Turnkey Electronic Assemblies - SMT Assembly, Through Hole Assembly, Press Fit Assembly

Contact Argus to Discuss Your Electronics Manufacturing Requirements of PCB, Turnkey PCB Assembly, Wire Harness Assembly, Turnkey Box Build Assembly).

Argus Systems(AESPL) a global Electronic assembly Services company providing PCB fabrication, Turnkey PCB assembly Services (PCBA) for Its Global Clients in India, USA, UK, and Australia as per Automotive ( IATF 16949 ), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Aerospace & Defense (AS9100D, MIL-PRF, LCSO) quality management standards. PCBA process uses SMT Assembly, Through Hole assembly ( wave soldering, selective soldering) and Press fit assembly.