PCB CAD Translation, EDA Conversion

Electronic CAD (ECAD), Mechanical CAD (MCAD)

EDA Conversion, PCB CAD Translation

Argus (AESPL) has expertise in EDA Conversions ( Electronic Design Automation ) and we explored different techniques to migrate design data from different ECAD, MCAD Systems. Argus Key focus is to ensure that the customer gets a high degree of interoperability and design investment protection when transitioning from existing tool. We ensure the design data integrity and help you in leveraging existing design for other future designs.

Many companies who has in-house expertise may experience peak overloads that require periodic outsourcing for EDA conversion Activities.Argus Engineering services Group addresses needs of customers by providing off-shore and on-site Resources.

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EDA Conversions

  • Schematics translation/conversion
  • PCB layout translation.
  • Netlist conversions.
  • PCB CAD library conversions.
  • Any Gerber file set translated to layout tool of preference.
  • Database conversions from other Electronic CAD (ECAD) systems or Gerber data to facilitate non-restrictive future development.
  • Scripts to improve automaton for PCB translations.
  • EDA tool-chain support: Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Altium,Zuken.
PCB Stencil Manufacturing

CAD Translation Workflow

  • Customer Inputs: PCB data Base (schematics, Layout, Libraries ), Bill of material, DRC rules, layer stack-up, templates for documentation
  • PCB Data base auto translations done for required tool chain.
  • Review and Editing of translated schematics, layout to ensure properties which are lost in auto translation are corrected.
  • DRC review.
  • Schematic netlist and layout netlist compare.
  • Gerber setup as per Original Project requirement.
  • Documentation and release.
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Core Benefits of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Data Interchange

  • Design integrity maintained
  • Electrical constraints retained
  • Data content retained with detailed reports
  • Automated verification with detailed reports
  • Functional properties automatically processed
  • Customizable mapping for user defined properties
  • Logical and physical databases can be migrated together
  • Fast, accurate legacy design migration
  • Functional design output
PCB Stencil Manufacturing

EDA Translation Experience

Argus helps you migrate any of your cad data’s EDA platform to any current EDA platform. We have vast experience in migrating designs from many platforms ensuring that the resulting translation is complete and maintains the integrity of the original data.

  • Design capture to OrCad\Altium\DX\Concept HDL
  • Allegro to Altium\Pads\Expedition\Eagle\Cadstar
  • OrCAD to DX designer\Concept HDL\Eagle
  • Altium to Allegro\Pads\Expedition\Eagle\Cadstar
  • PCAD\Orcad layout\Protel\Eagle\Cadstar to Altium\Cadence\Mentor
  • Expedition\Pads to Allegro\Altium\Zuken\Eagle
  • PCAD to Altium\Allegro\Pads\Expedition
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CAD Conversion Quality & Support Process

  • Project lead and account Manager directly involved in assuring success of the program.
  • Commitment on KPI, Quality of Service Delivery.
  • Service Guarantees is ensured
  • Dedicated Resources.
  • Customer access to Resources.
  • Project visibility.
  • Support of Deliverables Post acceptance.
PCB Stencil Manufacturing

Schematic Formats Supported for EDA Conversion

  • Altium Designer.
  • Altium PCAD.
  • Altium Protel.
  • Cadence OrCAD Capture.
  • Cadence ConceptHDL.
  • Mentor PADS Powerlogic.
  • Mentor DxDesigner.
  • Zuken Cadstar.
  • Zuken CR5000.
  • EDIF200/300/400.
  • Eagle.
PCB Stencil Manufacturing

CAD Translation Engagement Model(ECAD, MCAD)

  • Identified Engineering Service: PCB CAD (ECAD) transalation and Mechanical CAD (MCAD) translation Service.
  • Argus will support for CAD translation service from Argus site as fixed cost, Per Project based engagement model.
  • Multiple PCB CAD translation projects will be supported in parallel as per customer requirement.
  • A designed Project lead will front end with customer for all the ongoing projects and will provide access to project engineering resources as required
Outsource your ECAD Conversion, MCAD Conversion Requirements

Reach out to argus for ECAD Translation, MCAD Translation, EDA Conversion Services.

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