RFID Tag Based Proximity Warning & Alert System


AssetSafe Zone Safety& Site Safety Systems

Creating Safer Places to work with Proximity Detection & Notification systems

    RFID Tag Based Proximity Warning & Alert System

    AssetSafe Reduces the Risk of Accidents:- AssetSafe will significantly reduces man-machine accidental collisions and near misses due to poor visibility and blind spots.

    AssetSafe Creates Safe Working Environments:-Improve situational awareness and safety culture across work sites.

    AssetSafe Provide Invaluable Site Safety Information:- Identify, monitor and improve areas of risk using recorded near miss occurrences and management information.

    AssetSafe Applications
  • Vehicle to Person Alert – preventing collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrian workers.
  • Walkway Alert – preventing collisions between vehicles, workers and equipment.
  • Crossing Alert – separating site traffic and pedestrians with audible visual warnings and restricting movement.
  • Vehicle Detection System – a long range vehicle to vehicle detection solution providing early warning alerts.
  • Asset Protection – reducing the risk of collision damage to assets whilst increasing safety.
  • Aircraft Damage Protection – preventing collisions with aircraft while they are being serviced.
  • Vehicle Access Control – providing a hands free automated access control solution.
  • Personnel Access Control – providing restricted or controlled access through doors or turnstiles.

RFID Tag Based Proximity Warning & Alert system - PWAS

AssetSafe RFID Tag based Proximity warning & Alert system PWAS utilizes Wireless technologies (RFID, as well PIR and Radar) to continuously scan in real-time for personnel & objects that come within the predetermined safety zone of the moving equipment.

When an Intrusion is detected within the predetermined zone, the system sounds an audible alarm and visual warning of the intrusion and allows the equipment operator to take corrective action and reset the system.

The system allows for logging of all events including intrusion which can be accessed by handheld devices (tablets & mobile phones).

AssetSafe RFID Tag based Proximity warning & Alert System includes Front & Reverse Vehicle closed-circuit camera system which provides video of these zones to the operator.

Proximity Warning & Alert system

PIR Proximity Warning & Alert system - PIR PWAS

Main object of PIR PWAS is detection of moving object within defined proximity, Record the voice/audio once event is detected and activate alert/welcome messages. Device is connected the cloud with a Wi-Fi based network and can be configured and managed through mobile apps and server. Recorded audio is pushed to cloud for data analytics.

  • PIR Sensor for detection of Objects.
  • Wi-Fi based system.
  • Easy operation via WI-FI based Mobile app.
  • Mobile app provides Device control &supports audio file upload & Download.
  • Control Switches and LED Indication for Record & Play.
  • Provides 8GB SD Card Storage.
  • Microphone with preamplifier and automatic gain control.
  • Low noise high quality voice record/playback.
  • Audio Record Modes: PIR based record mode &manual record mode.
  • Playback Modes: Onetime play mode, continuous play mode, PIR based Play mode.
Proximity Detection & Notification System

Camera Proximity Warning & Alert system - Camera PWAS

PIR sensor and Face recognition enables device stores motion and time series data on the cloud. There is unlimited Cloud storage available for each account. This data is pre-processed both at the device level and on the cloud to get actionable intelligence from it.

  • Video Camera PWAS is Versatile Surveillance System with Proactive Protection.
  • Detect Events Across Multiple Cameras.
  • Flexible Alarm and Alert Configuration.
  • Centralize Management with easy Access From Any Device.
  • Smart History Organisation allows easy Audit Of The Surveillance Data.
  • Camera PWAS Shares Motion and Video Feed.
  • Face Detection and Recognition.
  • Programmable Camera API.
  • Smart Searches Across Camera.
Cloud Video Surveillance With PIR
IoT Solutions to Improve Occupational Health and Safety

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