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Argus Systems(AESPL) has built competencies in the Automotive Electronics & Automotive Software domain acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property, re-usable platforms, and solutions meeting Automotive IATF 16949 quality management standard. We have integrated hardware, software, and system design services to provide our customers with valuable Automotive solutions ( Automotive Electronics, Automotive Software) . Argus Systems believes in "First time Right solution" and with an experienced Product Engineering team, we can be your complete electronic product design and development partner for Automotive products.

Battery Monitoring System

  • This product monitors the voltage and current of the battery system as well as the location of the vehicle either through discrete voltage/current sensors or through the OBD port of a car. Monitored data is displayed locally on an LCD screen as well send to the cloud through 4G/LTE link.


  • Voltage & Current Inputs from 4/8 battery banks
  • Data log in SD card
  • LCD for battery voltage and current parameters
  • Application: Battery monitoring System for Electric vehicles and Remote Control rooms
Battery Management System

ADAS - Proximity warning & Alert System

  • It is a real-time Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) for Heavy-duty vehicles to prevent man-machine accidents due to poor visibility and blind spots.
  • proximity warning & Alert system utilizes radar technology to continuously scan in real-time for personnel & objects that come within the predetermined safety zone of the moving equipment.
  • When an Intrusion is detected within the predetermined zone, the system sounds an audible alarm and visual warning of the intrusion and allows the equipment operator to take corrective action and reset the system
  • The system allows for logging of all events including intrusion which can be accessed by handheld devices (tablets & mobile phones).
  • PWAS includes Front & Reverse Vehicle closed-circuit camera system which provides video of these zones to the operator.


  • Earthmoving Equipment ( Excavators, Rollers, Loaders, Shovels)
  • Haul and Dump Trucks, Bulldozers
ADAS-Proximity warning and Alert System

Test System - Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU)

  • Functional, Unit, Integration, and System Test system for Automotive Products.
  • HVAC System (heater mats and blowers).
  • Head-up display (HUD)
  • ADAS - Cruise Control
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Seat & Mirror ECU
  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
  • Instrument Clusters (warnings, gauges, chimes)
Automotive ECU Test System

Electric vehicle supply equipment ( EVSE)

  • Electric vehicle supply equipment ( EVSE ) is AIS-138 compliant product.
  • It consists of Control & communication Card, Power supply card and Relay/Contractor card.
  • Communication Interface: 4G/LTE, WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0.
  • SD-Card for Data log.
  • Interface to Energy meter.
  • RF tag reader for authentication.
  • 7" Display & Touch.
  • MIPI Camera interface.
  • EV charging Station Power supply card is an AC/DC converter card which gives DC supply to control & Communication Card.
  • EVSE Rely & contractor card allows for switching AC supply.
  • Electric vehicle charging Station Rely and contractor card supports common switching control and independent control switching for charging output.
  • LED for Availability, charging, reserve, fault state, Input supply status.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter ( GFCI).
  • control switches to start/stop every output.
Electric vehicle Supply Equipment

Automotive Lighting Solutions

  • Electronics content in Automotive lighting is accelerating at an exponential rate. Lighting is rapidly becoming an integrated component in the vehicle electronic architecture requiring constant communication to deliver the functions that enhance the visibility and safety for the driver.
  • Flexible LED PCBA modules for Automotive Lighting - headlamps, Tail Lamps, signal lamps of 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler.
  • LED technology allows headlamps & signal lamps to have an unparalleled level of performance and design flexibility. LED yields smaller package space, higher colour temperatures, and energy savings without compromising photometric performance.

Dashboard Infotainment

  • Real-time embedded Speech Recognition and Text to Speech
  • Speaker independent
  • Integrated H/W and S/W
  • Multiple accents and customizable voices
  • Voice operated Hands-free and Eye free Automotive Infotainment
  • Voice operated Music playback and Radio control
  • Bluetooth hands-free/eye free car kits
  • Voice dialing for numbers and phone book contact names
  • Audio anchoring with meta information from the audio and video tracks
  • Architecture: I.MX processor, DDR, NAND flash, Bluetooth
Automotive ECM

Automotive ECM (electronic control module)

  • Steering Column Tilt and Telescopic Adjust
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System
  • Wiper Control
  • Gearbox Lighting
  • Pressure sensor node
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve control
  • Electtronic Throttling valve Position Sensor
  • VFD Car Clock Module
  • Electronic pressure switch
  • Camera Lens Cleaner
Dashboard Infotainment

Vehicle Tracking System

  • Ignition Alert Configuration – via SMS or online positioning platform/server
  • Configure authorized admin Mobile numbers
  • Movement Alert Configuration - via SMS or online positioning platform/server
  • Overspeed Alert Configuration - via SMS or online positioning platform/server
  • Designed and built entirely in India – Customized product build is easy, Technical support at your doorstep, Firmware upgrades easy.
  • Current Position - real-time longitude and latitude/google map URL to the cell phone
  • Tracking with online positioning server – Configure IP address and Port
  • Set APN - Set mobile network Access Point Name (APN) to send GPS data to online server •Restart the tracker - Reboot tracker
  • Reset the tracker to factory defaults
  • Change password, Recover password
  • Status of Tracker - % Battery remaining, location, speed, GPRS status, IMEI no, power (battery/power), IMEI
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Alerts – Overspeed, Ignition, movement
Vehicle Tracking System
Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU), Automotive Software

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Argus Systems(AESPL) is a globally recognized Electronic Product Design and Electronic manufacturing company with Its Operations in India, USA, UK offering Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU), Automotive electronic control module (ECM ) Automotive Software solutions such as Vehicle Tracking System, Battery Management System, Dashboard Infotainment, ADAS - Proximity warning & Alert System, Automotive lighting solutions, Automotive ECU Test System meeting Automotive IATF 16949 quality management standard.