SMT Assembly, Through Hole Assembly, press Fit Assembly

PCB stencil, SMT reflow pallet, Wave solder pallet, Press fit fixture

Argus Systems(AESPL) is one of the leading Electronics Manufacturing Companies in india with a specialization in quick turnaround of Prototypes and low to medium scale production meeting Automotive ( IATF 16949 ), Medical Devices ( ISO 13485 ), Aerospace & Defense ( AS9100D : Scope -"Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Electromechanical Assemblies & Cable Assemblies and Box Build") quality management standards. This Unit has been established for captive requirements as well for OEM & ODM enterprises requiring electronics contract manufacturing services(EMS).

Press fit connector

Press fit Fixture

  • Press Fit connector Assembly including Design and manufacturing of press fit connector assembly fixture.
  • Assembly of Press Fit connectors on PCB.
  • Design and manufacturing of press fit tools as per connector data sheet.
  • can support specific press-in force [ Typical 85 N ] as per connector specification.
  • can support specific press-in speed [Typical 100mm/min] as per connector specification.
  • Design and manufacturing of press out tools as per connector data sheet.
  • Verification of Press fit connector PCB assembly.

PCB Stencil

  • Laser Cut PCB Stencil for PCB Assembly applications.
  • frameless and Framed SMT Micro stencil, SMT mini stencils and full board SMT stencils for solder paste applications as per IPC-7525B standard.
  • framed Full board SMT Stencil for top & bottom side.
  • PCB stencil frame material : Aluminium.
  • SMT stencil foil material : stainless steel.
  • PCB stencil foil thickness : 4/5/6/8 mil.
  • stepped SMT stencils solution for optimized solder paste release and improved volumetric repeatability for complex component mixes.
SMT Reflow pallet

SMT Reflow pallet for SMT assembly process

  • SMT reflow pallet can be used during the entire SMT process (printing, placement and reflowing) to support, protect and transport printed circuit boards of different sizes and shapes including flex and rigid-flex PCBs.
  • SMT carriers can help reduce soldering defects, improve repeatability and reduce labor cost.
  • Argus SMT reflow solder pallets are custom made to meet your particular job requirements.
wave solder pallet

wave solder pallet for through hole assembly

  • Wave soldering process is used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to solder through-hole components.
  • Wave solder pallets are used during PCB wave soldering process that require thermal or solder protection.
  • Argus wave solder pallets are custom made to meet your particular PCB wave soldering Assembly requirements.
Wave Soldering

Through hole Assembly - Wave Soldering

  • If your assembly requires conventional THT mounted components, our team will use a wave soldering machine to automate the process. In a matter of seconds, through-hole components are soldered to the printed circuit board, resulting in mechanically and electrically reliable joints.
  • Hand Soldering is used on components that cannot be wave soldered. A process requiring exceptional craftsmanship and levels of attention, our soldering engineers use a hand-held soldering iron, selecting suitably sized tips to form joints that meet the exact requirements of your assembly.
  • The AESPL team will provide guidance on the most suitable techniques ( wave soldering, Selective soldering, hand soldering) to enhance the performance of your specific assembly.
 PCB Selective soldering

Through hole Assembly - Selective Soldering

  • Selective soldering is a process of soldering selected electronic components to a PCB. The components are selected by way of a program that is created using an image of the PCB specifying where flux and solder are to be applied.
  • selective soldering is done by preheating, applying flux, and soldering. In both processes, the temperature of the assembly is raised before soldering (preheating).
  • in selective soldering the application of flux is only to the components that are to be soldered. In this processes the PCB is exposed to a molten wave of solder. In selective soldering, only individual connections see the wave (one after the other).
  • Though Selective soldering is a slower process than wave soldering but it is much more precise and it allows independent configuration of the soldering of each position.
Electronic Assembly services (SMT Assembly, Through Hole Assembly, Press fit Assembly)

Contact Argus to Discuss Your PCB Assembly Requirements of SMT Reflow Assembly, SMT/THT Wave Soldering, Press fit Assembly as well for PCB stencil, SMT Reflow pallet, wave solder pallet, PCB Stencil and Press fit Fixture.

Argus Systems(AESPL) a global Electronic assembly Services company providing PCB fabrication, PCB assembly Services (PCBA) for Its Global Clients in India, USA, UK, and Australia as per Automotive ( IATF 16949 ), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Aerospace & Defense (AS9100D, MIL-PRF, LCSO) quality management standards. PCBA process uses SMT Assembly, THT assembly ( wave soldering, selective soldering) and Press fit assembly.