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BGA Assembly & Rework, BGA Reballing

Argus Systems (AESPL) a globally recognized Electronics Manufacturing Services company Providing PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly Services (PCBA) for Its Global Clients as per Automotive (IATF 16949), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Aerospace & Defence (AS9100D, MIL-PRF, LCSO) quality management standards.


BGA Assembly, BGA Rework, BGA Reballing

  • With proven process and Industry standard equipment's and backed by skilled professionals, Argus offers High yield rate PCB Assembles Having micro–Ball Grid Array and leadless packages.
  • Precise Placement of LGA, CBGA, PBGA and micro BGA’s with aid of automated Rework station.
  • Diverse re-flow profiles & 300x magnification for ball to pad matching to work with BGA’s with pitch size from 0.3 mm.
  • Removal & Replacement of LGA, BGA, Micro BGA, Flip chip, CSP
  • Re-balling of BGA’s and micro BGA’s.
  • Verification of BGA assembly using x-ray system.

BGA Assembly Technology

  • Reflow temperature curve consists of four phases. These four phased consists of preheating phase, heat preservation phase, reflow phase and cooling phase.
  • BGA SMT process has to consider multiple parameters such as solder paste material property (RoHS, Leaded) , Solder paste printing accuracy , Paste Verification ( visual inspection, 3D solder Paste inspection) BGA package type and its pitch, Type of PCB ( Rigid, Flex, Metal ), PCB thickness , copper percentage in PCB , Baking profile for BGA chip & PCB and reflow temperatures profiles.
  • Heating process and temperature curve should make package reach reflow temperature and then fall back to that of pad after solder balls are melted with inter-metallic compound generated with pad.

BGA Re-flow Soldering

BGA Assembly Pre-Process

  • Prebaking: BGA usually absorbs humidity. If a chip is instantly heated after absorbing humidity in the air, moisture diffusion will lead to cavities inside chip. Hence, general baking condition of BGA packages are done under 120°C for 24hours/ according to MSL level in TDS.
  • Oxidation Inspection: Prior to their applications, BGA components are inspected to ensure their pins are clean and go through no oxidation.
  • Solder Paste Printing Inspection: Inspecting the solder paste printing of BGA pads will helps to eliminate the soldering defects occurring after soldering.
  • Check for the height, shape, bridge/short, overflow, missing/skip are done visually to ensure better quality & connectivity after re-flow.
  • Supported BGA Pitch : 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm.

BGA Assembly Reflow Soldering

  • In-line X-ray Inspection: BGA chips are to be mounted at last after placing all the other components onto the PCB using SMT pick & place machine.
  • It is then subject to an in-line x-ray inspection for verifying the alignment of BGA pads to the PCB’s. BGA X-ray inspections process helps to find out and eliminate the misalignment & solder short issues if any.
  • Re-flow Soldering: The BGA chips are soldered using the ref-flow oven with the help of pre-set thermal profiles.
  • The Reflow thermal profiles are programmed considering several factors of the BGA from it’s technical data sheet as well other factors such as solder paste type ( RoHs, Leaded), PCB type ( rigid, Flex).The best suited re-flow profile will ensure a high quality solderability.

BGA X-ray and Visual inspection

  • Visual solderability check (shorts/bridging, voids, misalignment, shift, cross, less solder, excess solder) are done by passing the controllable high intense light beam in-between the BGA solder balls.
  • These visual are verified/recorded using 300x magnifier & the monitor. Pinching the sideway solder balls are performed to ensure the soldering strength too (non-destructive test).
  • BGA X-ray Inspection: Taking X-ray of the BGA chips will allow to filter out any sort of soldering related issues.
  • BGA X-ray Inspection are done to pinpoint the exact issue before performing any re-work or repair on the non-working boards.
BGA assembly

BGA Rework & BGA Reballing

  • BGA Reworks and BGA Reballing are done with the aid of automatic BGA re-workstation, in which the thermal profile for de-soldering, soldering & re-balling are pre-programmed.
  • BGA Reballing is an effective method of repairing BGA components that have failed due to damaged or missing solder balls.
  • Instead of replacing the entire component, BGA reballing involves removing the faulty solder balls and replacing them with new ones.
  • The Process of BGA Reballing includes steps such as Removal of old solder balls, Cleaning the chip and applying new solder paste, placing new solder balls, Reheating the chip, and cleaning the chip again.
BGA Assembly, BGA Rework, BGA Reballing, BGA X-ray

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With proven process and Industry standard equipment's and backed by skilled professionals, Argus Systems (AESPL) offers High yield rate fine pitch SMT PCB Assemblies and Through hole PCB Assemblies . SMT PCB Assembly manufacturing capabilities also includes Micro BGA assembly, BGA Rework, BGA Reballing, and BGA xray Services.