Product Sustenance Engineering

Life Cycle Management | Obsolescence Management | Engineering Change Management | Release Management

Product Sustenance Engineering

Industrial equipment and products are complex, designed to solve specific industry problems, generally deployed in harsh field conditions and keeping them up and running is important to manage the lifecycle costs and ensure business success. Argus sustaining engineering program Provides OEM's with requires resources to resolve complicated challenges convert low-performing equipment into high-performing assets, minimize capital expenses, improve the equipment in service and free employees to develop more innovative products and systems.

Sustenance Engineering service in india

    Electronic Product Sustenance Engineering

  • OEMs can partner with Argus to completely manage their Electronic Product Sustenance engineering programs.
  • Electronic Product Life cycle management.
  • Release management.
  • BOM upgrade & Optimization.
  • Obsolescence management.
  • Product Feature/Performance improvement & Upgrade.
  • Design Standardization.
  • Legacy Data Conversion.
  • Engineering Change Notice.
  • RMA, Trouble -Shooting, repair.
Life cycle Management

Electronic Product Life cycle Management

  • Forecasting – predicting obsolescence risk or dates(frequency of obsolescence). We Use long-term forecasting while continuously monitoring the supply chain for precursors. Abandon the long-term forecast when precursors appear.
  • Mitigation – minimizing the impact of the problem after it occurs using a set of reactive firefighting approaches.
  • Planning - planning design refreshes based on forecasted obsolescence dates and technology insertion roadmaps in order to minimize part life cycle Management costs.
  • Parts Chasing-Accurately provide the current status of item.
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Engineering Change Management Services

  • Technological changes become more rapid in all semiconductor devices.
  • Argus semiconductor and distributor partnership program continuously monitoring product roadmap to ensure that your product will not be affected by an obsolete part.
  • Component Level EOL Study.
  • Electronic Product Obsolescence Management Services.
  • Obsolete Part Inventory Support.
  • Change Implementation Support.
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Electronic Product Obsolescence management Services

  • Short-Term Obsolescence Forecasting by Observing the supply chain for precursors to the part’s discontinuance including parameters such as reduction in the number of sources, reduction in inventory levels, Part price increases and EOL.
  • Long-Term Obsolescence solutions by Forecasting based on part attributes and/or data mining of the historical record performed prior to the appearance of any precursors to discontinuance.
  • Analyse known part obsolescence dates to build vendor-specific (and vendor- independent) forecasting algorithms.
Electronic Product Sustenance Engineering

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Argus Systems (AESPL) is a globally recognized Product Engineering and Electronic manufacturing company with Its Operations in India, USA, UK, Australia. Our Engineering Services team offers Electronic Product sustenance Engineering Services, Electronic Product Life Cycle management Services, Electronic Product obsolescence management services, Release Management Services, Electronic Product Engineering change management Services.