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FPGA Board Design Services

Argus Systems (AESPL) provides complete FPGA development life cycle support, from specification to final tested product. The FPGA development team can deliver fully validated ready to deploy FPGA solutions based on a set of high-level requirements from the customer. Extensive experience in developing with the full range of devices (Zynq, Zynq Ultrascale+, Kintex, Kintex Ultrascale+, Artix, Virtex, Spartan, Stratix, Cyclone, ploarfire, LatticeECP, Mach, ) and tools from major FPGA manufacturers { AMD (Xilinx), Intel (Altera), Microchip (Microsemi), Lattice } enables our FPGA teams to provide customer specific solutions in a timely and reliable manner.

FPGA Board Design for Diverse applications

A wide spectrum of FPGA solutions has been developed over the decades to cater to various domain specific functional, performance, cost and environmental requirements.

  • System-on-Chip (SoC) designs.
  • Implementation of complete Protocol Standards and Algorithms.
  • Solutions for Control and Monitoring Sub-systems, High-speed Data Acquisition, Video and Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing.
  • High-speed Network Interface Solutions – Packet Processing, Wire Speed Switching, Protocol Conversion.
  • Performance Accelerators.
  • Companion FPGAs for ASSP devices.
  • Processor Interface Designs – Peripheral Interfaces (Memories / Network Interfaces), Bus Translators and Converters, Glue Logic.
  • High-speed Solutions for Back-plane, Board-to-Board and Mezzanine Board Interfaces.
  • ASIC Prototyping Support: ASIC RTL development and verification in FPGA.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) development: Custom Design Solutions.
  • Conversion from ASIC to FPGA (for end-of-life ASSPs).
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FPGA Board Design with High Integration FPGA Solutions

Argus Systems FPGA teams are very conversant with implementing complete SoC solutions in the latest Intel (Altera) , AMD (Xilinx), Lattice, Microchip ( Microsemi ) FPGA devices to realize size, cost, power and performance benefits in the end products.

  • SoC with single and multiple soft cores (Nios, Microblaze, ARM, LatticMico32, CoreRISCV_AXI4 , Mi-V).
  • Peripheral interfaces: DDR2/3/4/5, Flash, EEPROM, PCIe Gen2/3/4, PCI, SpaceWire, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, RS232, USB, Ethernet, Storage, Display, FireFly.
  • Audio / Image / Video Processing.
  • Algorithm Implementation – JPEG, Data Compression, Pattern Recognition.
  • Digital Signal Processing in Data Acquisition and Industrial Control applications.
  • Packet Processing, Wire Speed Switching (1G/ 10G).
  • High-speed interfaces (1G / 2.5G / 10G) with flow control between FPGA and various Framers, PHYs and Transceivers.
  • Development of Custom Cores and integration of Third-Party Cores.

Comprehensive FPGA Board Development expertise

  • Argus Systems FPGA team has extensive expertise in handling the entire FPGA development life cycle in a thorough, capable and reliable manner.
  • Requirements are finalized through in-depth requirements gathering, customer consultation and review. FPGA architecture design is done in a comprehensive manner with due consideration to all the functional, performance, cost, power, testability requirements.
  • Efficient and well documented HDL code is written in VHDL / Verilog. Comprehensive Test Benches are developed using System Verilog / VHDL / Verilog and Script based automation done using TCL.
  • Functional Verification is done using standard verification tools such as ModelSim, QuestaSim, HDL Designer, Vivado Simulator, etc. Argus team is well versed in verification using OSVVM.
  • Pin out, Place and Route, Optimization for Area / Resources / Timing/ Power and exhaustive Timing Verification are performed using standard timing analysis tools and reports. FPGA Design Validation is done by performing thorough validation testing on hardware platform.
  • Well established and proven design methodologies and review processes at every stage of project life cycle ensure quality of the outputs.

Full range of FPGA Devices and FPGA Development Tools

  • FPGA Devices: Experience in working with full range of devices from major FPGA manufacturers:
  • AMD / Xilinx: Zynq, Virtex 7, Artix 7, Kintex 7, Spartan 7, Spartan 6 UltraScale, UltraScale+, Versal ACAP.
  • Intel / Altera: Arria, Stratix, Agilex, Cyclone, MAX, eASIC.
  • Lattice: Certus, ECP5, LatticeECP, Mach, CrossLink, iCE40.
  • Microchip / Microsemi: - PolarFire, RT PolarFire, PolarFire SoC, IGLOO2, ProASIC, SmartFusion, Mi-V RISC-V.
  • FPGA Development and Simulation Tools:
  • AMD (Xilinx ): Vivado ML Edition, Vivado HLS, Vitis.
  • Intel ( Altera ): Quartus Prime Pro / Quartus Prime Standard.
  • Lattice: Diamond.
  • Microchip ( Microsemi ) : Libero.
  • Siemens EDA / Mentor: ModelSim, QuestaSim, HDL Designer.

AMD, Intel FPGA Board Design Services

Reach out to Our Application Engineering Team to Discuss Your FPGA Design Requirements.

Argus FPGA design team is trained on the latest architecture and optimization techniques across FPGAs and CPLDs. AESPL professionals are experienced in High Speed Digital FPGA Board Design using zynq, zynq Ultrascale+, Kintex, Kintex Ultrascale+, Artix, Virtex, Spartan series AMD (Xilinx) FPGAs, Stratix, Cyclone Intel (Altera) FPGA, Lattice, Microchip (Microsemi) FPGAs.