Embedded Application Software Development

Argus Embedded Systems (AESPL) has built competencies in Automotive software, Defence software, Avionics software, healthcare software, Medical Software, and IoT Software acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property and re-usable platforms.

Argus have integrated the hardware, embedded application software, and system design to provide our customers with valuable Embedded application software solutions in a variety of domains meeting Automotive (IATF16949), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Aerospace & Defence (AS9100D) and IOT (ISO9001) quality management standards.

Automotive Software Solutions

  • Argus Systems is supporting development of wide range of best-in-class automotive software solutions for digital cockpit systems, autonomous systems, e-mobility systems, and connected car systems.
  • As a provider of technology solutions in Automotive Software, we understand the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry and strive to support our technology partners in staying ahead of the curve by continuously innovating and investing in the latest technologies.
  • We work with some of the largest automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the world, helping them bring their products to market faster and more efficiently. We also support automotive manufacturers in developing solutions for electric vehicles that include wired and wireless battery management systems with all safety standards and pre-compliances.
  • With a Team specializing in embedded Application software Development for Automotive software, AI, and digital solutions, AESPL accelerates its clients’ implementation of next-generation technologies for the future mobility roadmap. With engineering centres in USA, and India, Argus works with leaders in automotive and Mobility and is present where the ecosystem is transforming.
Automotive Software

Avionics Software, Defence Software

  • AESPL specializes in the development of high-performance engineering solutions for global Aerospace and Defense manufacturers. Our dedicated CoE caters to the new age digital requirements of the defense market and provides solutions such as digital engineering, system engineering, and avionics design that enables higher, faster, and safer product performance.
    Our in-depth understanding of the domain and the ability to offer tailor-made value-added defense Software engineering solutions with proven technologies make Argus a preferred engineering partner to many Defense OEMs.
  • Platform Software Design
  • Simulation and Automation
  • MATLAB/ Simulink Models
  • Verification and Validation
  • End-to-End Avionics Software Design and Development
  • Coding and Integration
  • System Lab Support
Defence Avionics Software

Healthcare Software and Medical Devices Software

  • Healthcare software and Medical software development services by Argus are backed by ISO 13485 certification and 15 Years of Experience in Medical Devices and healthcare Devices. We rely on proven software architecture and project management practices to design and build secure software for medical devices and Health care Devices.
  • Our services enable leading medical devices, medical technology, and clinical research organizations to get products to market faster and transform Medical and healthcare through technology and innovation.
  • We offer Healthcare and medical device Embedded application software development solutions which are compliant, innovative, and secure so that you can introduce your medical device confidently. Our robust software solutions for medical devices can boost productivity, deliver medical data analytics, integrate with EHR and EMR systems via FHIR or HL7, connect to IoT devices, help to diagnose and treat diseases.
Medical software

IoT Software Solutions

Argus offers comprehensive IoT Software solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive digital transformation and enable connected experiences. Our services cover the entire IoT ecosystem, from device connectivity to data management and analytics.

  • Smart Sensor Integration: We specialize in integrating a wide range of sensors, enabling real-time data acquisition and environmental monitoring for IoT applications.
  • Edge Computing: Our experts design and implement edge computing solutions, enabling real-time data processing, analytics, and decision-making at the edge of the network.
  • IoT Data Analytics: We provide advanced data analytics solutions, leveraging machine learning and AI techniques to derive meaningful insights from IoT-generated data.
  • Machine-to-Machine Communication: We develop secure and efficient communication protocols and frameworks for seamless interaction between IoT devices and systems.
  • IoT Device Management: Our services include remote device management, firmware updates, security patching, and monitoring of IoT devices deployed in the field.
  • Connectivity Solutions: We enable seamless connectivity through various protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), cellular (4G/5G), and LPWAN (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT) for diverse IoT use cases.
IoT software
Embedded Application Software Development for Automotive, Avionics, Defence, Aerospace, Medical, Healthcare, IOT

Reach out to AESPL for Automotive Software, Avionics software, Medical Software, IOT software Requirements.

Argus Systems (AESPL) stands as a globally recognized leader in Embedded Application software operating across India, USA, UK, and Australia. Our extensive presence spans diverse sectors including Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial. With a firm commitment to Automotive (IATF 16949), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), and Aerospace & Defence (AS9100D), IOT (ISO 9001) quality standards.

Argus specialize in comprehensive Embedded software solutions across our domains of expertise such as Automotive software, Health care and medical software, defence software, Avionics software, IoT software. At AESPL, system design is at the heart of our services, ensuring innovation and quality across all projects. Our prowess in system design sets us apart, enabling us to deliver excellence consistently.