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Algorithm Development Services

Argus Systems with its robust methodology in algorithm development services supports demanding programs, and other requirements with customized deliverable. We focus on complex defence and aerospace segments, but also service the scientific community in general.

Algorithm development services are offered in domains such as Radar signal Processing, Electronic Warfare, Image Processing, Audio processing, and Inertial Navigation systems. Our solutions include system modelling, algorithm simulations & fine tuning, system analysis, data processing and field data analysis.

Our algorithm development services have a significant impact, in performance and functionality that requires a functional edge. Utilizing the latest algorithm simulation tools and technologies, Argus provides a comprehensive range of innovative solutions, many of which have been deployed with categorical success in defence, aerospace, and communication applications.

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Core Areas for Algorithm Development Services

  • Data Processing
  • Field Data analysis
  • Feasibility checks
  • Algorithm development
  • System Modeling
  • Algorithm Simulation & Optimization
  • Algorithm Optimization
  • Algorithm Porting to target platforms
  • System analysis
  • System integration
  • Algorithm development services are offered in domains such as Radar signal Processing, Electronic Warfare, Image Processing, Audio processing, and Inertial Navigation systems.
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Development Tools & Best Practices

  • AESPL utilizes industry standard tools for DSP developments and simulation. Our DSP Model Libraries and methods deliver the best performance simulation, combined with powerful analysis and debug capability, which consequently result in unrivaled productivity in our achieving signal processing applications.
  • We help establish, or fine-tune, your development process around industry-standard best practices, ensuring that you achieve the greatest value, and also experience a notable reduction in development time.

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Algorithm Development Process

  • Once algorithm requirements are defined, using high-level model based simulation with powerful synthesis tools; we provide the most efficient deployment to FPGA-based and processor-based wide bandwidth designs, and greatly-optimized implementations.
  • We use heuristics that lead to unmatched performance, and an optimal hardware efficiency. Algorithm implementation is carried out deploying fixed-point modeling and using fixed-point data types. Automated co-simulation setup with RTL simulation tools, allows easy integration of VHDL / Verilog into the system-level modeling and simulation.
  • In order to test and maintain a scalable solution, it is necessary to implement proper architecture and design. Through domain and application architecture expertise, Argus can design and implement complex algorithms correctly.
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Why Argus for Algorithm Development

  • Establish foundational processes and plan for the successful deployment of complex signal processing algorithms
  • Instantiate complex analytics and algorithms, and deploy to target environments in a scalable manner
  • Assist in the proper capture of requirements, planning, design, implementation, testing, and deployment of complex signal processing applications
  • Reduce development effort, defect densities, and time-to-market
  • Design and implement solutions by making best use of existing defense and aerospace domain experience; to realize cutting edge algorithms
  • Bring together the technical expertise gained from working with defense and avionics applications, and consequently, a deep knowledge of Digital Signal Processing to deliver end results in, and across, domains.

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