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DSP Board Design Services

Argus Systems (AESPL) provides complete DSP System development life cycle support, from specification to final tested product. The DSP Board development team can deliver fully validated ready to deploy DSP solutions based on a set of high-level requirements from the customer.
Extensive experience in developing with the full range of DSP devices such as TMS320C55, TMS320C66, TMS320F, AM572x Sitara, ADSP-BF533 Blackfin, ASDP-21060 SHARC, ADSP-2191) and tools (TI Code composer Studio, ADI Visual DSP++) from major DSP manufacturers ( ADI & TI ) enables our DSP board design teams to provide customer specific solutions in a timely and reliable manner.

DSP Modules for demanding real-time applications.

Compact single-board-computers (SBC), equipped with high performance DSP processors from Texas Instruments ( TI ) and Analog Devices ( ADI) . This modular design approach is optimized for the special requirements of industrial appliances. Seamless integration into the target system, ease of programming, and long-term availability forms the basis of our product philosophy.

Argus DSP Modules is equipped with communication interfaces like Ethernet and USB, parallel and serial data acquisition ports and additional interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C and GPIO. Also integrated are power supply, clock generation, and memory, establishing a stand-alone capable system-on-module - the backbone of your application.

During the development phase a complete processing chain is assembled by stacking a DSP module with data acquisition and FPGA daughter boards and a carrier base board. In series production, AESPL OEM components guarantee long-term availability and an migration upgrade path, thereby significantly reducing design risks.


Analog Devices (ADI) DSP based, DSP Systems

  • ADI ADSP-BF533 Blackfin DSP Board for video applications (Set top box).
  • ADI ASDP-21060 SHARC DSP Board for data acquisition (RADAR) .
  • ADI ADSP-21161 SHARC DSP Board with MIL-1553 for data acquisition.
  • ADI ADSP-2191 DSP Board for Satellite Tracking Receivers.

Texas Instruments (TI) DSP based DSP Systems

  • TI TMS320F28015 DSP Board for Audio applications.
  • TI TMS320C6678 X4 VPX Card.
  • TI MS320C5535 DSP Board for BLDC Motor control applications.
  • TI AM572x Sitara SOM for IoT Applications.

Embedded DSP Board Design Services

Reach out to Our Application Engineering Team to Discuss Your Custom DSP Modules Design Requirements.

Argus DSP board design team is trained on the latest architecture and optimization techniques across Analog devices (ADI DSP) and Texas instruments (TI DSP). AESPL professionals are experienced in High-Speed DSP Board Design using TMS320C55, TMS320C66, TMS320F, AM572x Sitara, ADSP-BF533 Blackfin, ASDP-21060 SHARC, ADSP-21161 SHARC DSP ADSP-2191 DSP’s and tools (TI Code composer Studio, ADI Visual DSP++).