Flexible and Rigid Flex HDI PCB,HDI PCB,RF PCB Manufacturing

Flexible and Rigid Flex HDI PCB

Argus Systems (AESPL) is leading Electronic design Services and PCB fabricator providing high quality multilayer Flexible Rigid Flex HDI PCB, Flexible PCB, Flexi Rigid PCB, HDI PCB, RF PCB and MCPCB solutions for Aerospace & Defense (AS9100D,MIL-PRF,LCSO),Medical (ISO 13485),Automotive (IATF 16949 )and industrial applications.

Flexible and Rigid Flex HDI PCB

Flexible and Rigid Flex HDI PCB circuitry provides a means to integrate multiple PCB assemblies without wires, cables or connectors, replacing them with thin, light composites that integrate wiring in ultra-thin, flexible ribbons between sections. In flex Rigid PCB packaging, a flexible circuit substrate provides a backbone of wiring with rigid multi-layer circuit sections built up as modules where needed. advantages for Flexible PCB & flex Rigid PCB includes Improved Resistance to vibrations and movement, Small package size, High tensile strength, High bendiness-up to 360 degrees and suitability for harsh environments.

Flexible and Rigid Flex HDI PCB Specification

  • Single sided flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (one conductive layer).
  • Double sided flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (two conductor layers) with plated through holes.
  • Multilayer flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (more than two conductor layers) with plated through holes and HDI.
  • Multilayer rigid and flexible material combinations (more than two conductor layers) with plated through holes and HDI for Rigid Flex PCB.
  • 1-20 layers flex Rigid PCB with Dimensions up to 24" x 48".
  • Rigid Flex PCB Thickness up 0.125".
  • 4/4mil line width/spacing.
  • FR4 material for Rigid core & Prepreg.
  • Acrylic, epoxy, and adhesive-less polyimide flex materials.
  • Dupont Material for Flex core, Coverlay film and flex adhesive.
  • Bikini cut, bookbinder, loose-leaf construction for Flexi Rigid PCB.


High Density Interconnect PCB Design use latest PCB manufacturing technologies available to increase the functionality of PCBs using the same or less amount of area.HDI PCBs are characterized by high-density attributes including laser microvias, fine lines and high-performance thin materials. This increased density enables more functions per unit area. Higher technology HDI PCBs have multiple layers of copper filled stacked microvias (Advanced HDI PCBs) which creates a structure that enables even more complex interconnections.

  • 1+N+1 - PCBs contain 1 "build-up" of high-density interconnection layers.
  • i+N+i (i≥2) - PCBs contain 2 or more "build-up" of high-density interconnection layers. Microvias on different layers can be staggered or stacked.
  • Any Layer HDI - All the layers of a PCB are high density interconnection layers which allows the conductors on any layer of the PCB to be interconnected freely with copper filled stacked microvia structures ("any layer via").
  • 2/2 mil line/space with 4/8 mil laser via capture pad size.
  • Material options:High temperature FR4, Halogen – Free and High Speed (low loss).

Microvias & Stacked MicroVias

A microvia maintains a laser drilled diameter of (typically 0.006" (150μm), 0.005" (125μm), or 0.004" (100μm),which are optically aligned and require a pad diameter (typically 0.012" (300μm), 0.010" (250μm), or 0.008"(200μm), allowing additional routing density. Microvias can be via-in-pad, offset, staggered or stacked, non conductive filled and copper plated over the top or solid copper filled or plated.

Microvias add value when routing out of fine pitch BGAs such as 0.8 mm pitch devices and below. Additionally, microvias add value when routing out of a 0.5 mm pitch device where staggered microvias can be used, however, routing micro-BGAs such as 0.4 mm, 0.3 mm, or 0.25 mm pitch device, requires the use of Stacked MicroVias using an inverted pyramid routing technique

  • Allows increased routing on multiple layers.
  • Standard Microvias limited to layers 1 - 2 & 1 - 3.
  • Provides routing solutions for next generation small pitch packages of 0.5/0.4/0.3/0.25 mm.
  • Provides solid copper plate eliminating potential solder voiding.
  • Provides a Thermal Management Solution.
  • Improves Current Carrying Capability.
  • Provides a Planar surface for BGA.

Deep Microvias & Deep Stacked MicroVias

  • Provide additional dielectric material.
  • Maintains small geometries on multiple layers.
  • Improved Impedance performance.
  • Improved signal integrity.
  • Provides RF Microvia solutions.
  • Provides a solid copper plate.
  • Improves Current Carrying Capability & Thermal Management.
  • Provides a Planar surface for BGA (Via-in-Pad).

RF & Microwave PCB

RF PCB Fabricator with advanced engineering and process capabilities with wide range of low loss laminates and resin systems supporting a wide range of frequency bands (L, S, C, X, Ku, K, Ka, V, W) for aerospace & Defense electronics, medical devices, Automotive ADAS and telecommunications equipment’s.

RF PCB Capabilities

  • Selective plated up layers.
  • Exact registration/laser direct imaging.
  • Front to back registration of etched cores.
  • Mixed Dielectric constructions.
  • Buried / Blind / Microvia.
  • Multilevel cavity constructions.
  • Optical mill / drill.
  • Back Drill for Precision Stub Removal.
  • Laser routing.
  • Sequential lamination.
  • Plated edges.
  • Hole Fill (Conductive, nonconductive, and partial hole fill options).
  • RF PCB Thermal Solutions (Copper coins and slugs, Metal Core & Metal Back, Thermally conductive laminates).
  • Surface Finishes (ENIG ,ENEPIG ,Hard and soft wire bondable gold, Immersion silver).
Flexible PCB and Rigid Flex HDI PCB Manufacturing

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Argus Systems (AESPL) a globally recognized PCB Design and PCB fabrication company supporting Fabrication of Multilayer Flexible PCB, Rigid Flex HDI PCB, HDI PCB, Semiflex PCB, RF PCB and MCPCB for Its Global Clients in India, USA as per Automotive (IATF 16949), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Aerospace & Defense (AS9100D, MIL-PRF, LCSO) quality management standards.