Customised Packaging for Electronic Products

Discover secure, reliable packaging for all your electronic products.
Get the best protection for your items with custom designed electronics packaging.

Customized Electronics Packaging

AESP Customised Electronics packaging services include the process of designing and developing a package for an electronic device with protective features. Design process for electronics packaging includes many aspects such as material selection, environmental conditions, product safety and regulatory requirements.

Recyclable Recyclable

we uses eco-friendly materials and inks, and produces packaging that is sustainable and recyclable.

Quality Production Quality Production

We work with a vetted network of packaging manufacturers in to produce high quality electronics packaging affordably.

Customization Customization

Electronics box packaging can be highly customized: from size, shape, and material thickness, our boxes can be tailored to suit every business' needs.

PCB Manufacturing

Electronics Packaging

  • Packaging design and manufacturing
  • We follow packaging best practices to provide defect free parts, maximize production efficiency and ensure safety while minimizing overall packaging and transportation costs to meet each customer plants logistics and operational requirements.
  • Corrugated Box.
  • Luxury Product Packaging.
  • Jumbo Shipment Box.
  • We adhere to Packaging standards for Electronic Components, wire harness, Plastic parts and metal parts.
  • Plastic Components (visually critical) Packaging.
  • Metallized plastic Components Packaging.
  • Molded Aspheric Glass/Plastic Components Packaging.
  • Aluminum Parts (visually critical) Packaging.
  • Small Parts Packaging.
  • Shipment pallets.
  • Bar code labels are used to eliminate opportunity for error.
Packaging design

Packaging design consideration

  • A key consideration during packaging design is to ensure that that electronic packages is robust enough to protect their contents from mechanical shocks and vibration during transportation, which is achieved through custom box inserts.
  • Selection of material ensure its durable and able to stand up to heavy use.
  • There are a number of different options available, such as rigid boxes and corrugated boxes.
  • Easy for end user to open, and having a strong visual appeal.
  • Size of the packaging is targeted to fit your products optimally, without any wastage of materials.
  • Packaging design considers the overall space we have available and ensure packaging doesn't take up too much room on shelves or in storage units.
  • To keep electronic products and components organized inside box, box dividers or custom box inserts is used to keep items organized and secure.

Customized Packaging for Electronic Products

Reach Argus Application Engineering team to discuss your Requirement for Electronic Manufacturing Services including Packaging design and manufacturing.

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