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GPS Tracking System - 2G/3G, 4G/5G LTE GPS Tracker

Argus Systems (AESPL) has built competencies in GPS Tracking solutions domain acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property, re-usable platforms, and solutions. We have integrated hardware, software, and system design services to provide our customers with valuable GPS Tracking Solutions. Argus Systems believes in "First time Right solution" and with an experienced Product Engineering Team, we can be your complete electronic product design and development partner.

2G/3G 4G/5G LTE Vehicle Tracking System

  • Ignition Alert Configuration – via SMS or online positioning platform/server
  • Configure authorized admin Mobile numbers
  • Movement/Overspeed Alert Configuration - via SMS or online positioning platform/server
  • Current Position - real-time longitude and latitude/google map URL to the cell phone
  • Tracking with online positioning server – Configure IP/Port
  • Set APN - Set mobile network Access Point Name (APN) to send GPS data to online server •Restart the tracker - Reboot tracker
  • Reset the tracker to factory defaults
  • Change password, Recover password
  • Status of Tracker - % Battery remaining, location, speed, GPRS status, IMEI no, power (battery/power), IMEI
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Alerts – Overspeed, Ignition, movement
Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Tracking ID Card - Personnel Tracking

  • Personnel Tracking device GPS engine continuously captures the device location (longitude, latitude and altitude) and drives the decoded information in to inbuilt controller. This information can be shared to server using GPRS on requirement basis to track the mobile equipments.
  • GPS Personnel Tracker Integrated GSM, GPRS and GPS mechanisms in order to get the minimal form factor to be best fit for mobile equipments.
  • Integrated module eliminates the use of external regulator by having inbuilt PMIC (power management integrated chip) facilitating battery charge functionality for li-ion batteries and has a capability of monitoring /defining battery voltage levels.
  • GPS Personnel Tracking device is able to get charge through USB compatible interface li>patch antenna is used for GPS functionality to reduce the interference between nearly located GSM and GPS antennas.
Vehicle Tracking System

4G LTE Cat 1 Asset Tracker

This product monitors voltage & current parameters of a DC power system (Remote control Rooms and site) as well as site location through discrete voltage/current monitoring Circuit. Monitored data is displayed locally on an LCD screen as well send to the cloud through 4G/LTE link.

  • Voltage & Current Inputs from 4/8 DC power sources
  • Data log in SD card
  • LCD display for battery voltage and current parameters
  • Power/Battery monitoring System for Remote Control rooms
4G LTE Remote monitoring system

GPS + RFID Asset Tracking System

This unit is a unique and useful product for tracking of movement of assets and personnel in specific locations. Active RFID SMS based Asset Tracking System can be used as a multifunctional product and can be modified as per the requirement to create a unique brand for the product companies. The RFID Reader hardware, software, and tags can be customized for various functionality and reduce time-to-market for the launch of the product.

  • 2.4GHz RFID, GSM/GPRS support
  • Movement tracking information shared with Server or Specified Mobile.
  • Application for Tools Movement, Equipment Movement, Personnel Movement
RFID Asset Tracking System

4G LTE GPS Asset Tracker and Data Logger

  • Equipment access control with Operator Fingerprint
  • Fingerprint sensor to enrol and identify the Operator while doing Job work
  • Monitors Voltage and Current during Process.
  • WiFi data logger with Local Display for Date,Time, Operator ID, Operator Name and Supervisor
  • Process parameters data are logged and sent to MQTT server using Wi-Fi,4G LTE.
  • Local data logger storage in SD card
Welding Access Control & Data Logger

4G LTE Asset Tracker and Control

  • Power ON Device and wait for Device Setting time.
  • Send the SMS message from Mobile Phone to Remote Power Switch system.
  • For Power ON AC load,SMS Message is: RELAY_ON Send to Device SIM Card Number.Device will Acknowledge with ON
  • For Power OFF AC load, SMS Message is: RELAY_OFF Send to Device SIM Card Number.Device will Acknowledge with OFF
  • 4G/LTE remote power switching device with data logging
  • AC mains (230v).
  • AC Load i.e. Lamp.
2G/3G/ 4G LTE Remote Control

2G/3G Asset Tracker and Data logger

  • Built with highly reliable, global cellular coverage (CAT M1 in NA and LTE CAT 1 with 3G/2G fallback in EMEA) and sensors
  • Ensure quality and compliance: You can leverage Argus cold chain monitoring System to automatically log real-time and historical temperature data within the cloud, enabling you to create a centralized compliance reporting system for your cold chain operations.
  • GPS Positions, Temperature Monitoring of Trucks and Trip Monitoring
  • Reefer Run Monitoring and Temperature/Humidity Compliance
Multiport Switch Control – WiFi
GPS Tracking System - 2G/3G 4G/5G LTE GPS Tracker

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Argus Systems (AESPL) is a globally recognized Electronic Product Design and Electronic manufacturing company with Its Operations in India, USA, UK, offering GPS tracking solutions with 2G 3G 4G 5G LTE for applications such as GPS Asset tracker, GPS vehicle tracker, GPS Personnel tracker