PCB Fabrication

Mechanical Design and Fabrication

Our electro mechanical solutions leverage our vertical model and our capabilities under one roof in a cost-effective manner. We support the entire lifecycle of a product from design to design for manufacturing efficiency to prototyping, to cost effective high volume production.

  • Mechanical design.
  • Selection of material and components selection.
  • Design for assembly (DFA).
  • Design for Manufacturability.
  • Enclosure Design.
  • Thermal simulation & Analysis.
  • Shock/ Vibration simulation.
  • Solid Modelling.


Plastic Enclosure for Electronic Products

We design and manufacture different types of plastic enclosures that range from small and simple to large and complex. we have the knowledge and experience to deliver plastic enclosures that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Aluminium Electronic Enclosures

Argus designs and manufactures aluminium enclosures for electronics. We can provide boxes customised to your needs including drilling, milling, threading, and printing and adding cable glands.




Sheet Metal Enclosures

We offer complete sheet-metal fabrication solutions to meet our customers requirements from product concept and design through prototyping and volume production. We support customers in the instrumentation, medical, consumer, computer/datacom and telecom industries.

Custom Electronic Enclosure

Argus designs and develops custom electronic enclosure to meet harsh environment. The corrosion-resistant steel enclosure protect industrial equipment against circulating dust, falling dirt, rain, and hose directed water.