Design Analysis Services
  • Signal Integrity Analysis

    SI Analysis
  • Power Integrity Analysis

    Power Integrity Analysis
  • EMI Analysis

    emi analysis
  • Thermal Analysis

    Thermal Analysis
  • Reliability Analysis

    Reliability Simulation

Argus is one of leading PCB and system-level design and analysis Services Company offering SI analysis, Thermal Analysis, Power Integrity Analysis, Crosstalk analysis, EMI Analysis, Reliability availability and maintainability analysis for applications like Space, Avionics, Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Computing and Automotive.

A growing number of companies are experiencing a sharp upturn in system-level Signal Integrity, Thermal and Reliability issues that result in project delays and increased cost. Many companies do not have in-house expertise and the companies that do have the expertise may experience peak overloads that require periodic outsourcing. Argus quick turn design analysis services addresses needs of these customers by providing expert resources at very affordable prices.

Signal Integrity Analysis & Simulation

Pre-Route and post-route Signal integrity Analysis

  • Reflection Waveform Analysis
  • Cross Talk Analysis
  • Propagation delay and timing analysis
  • Eye Diagram Analysis

Library and model Development

  • IBIS Model Creation
  • IBIS Model validation

Pre Layout Signal Integrity Check

  • Placement optimization, Trace length constraints
  • Impedance requirement.
  • Topology and termination strategies.

Post Layout Signal Integrity check

  • Verification by extraction of actual PWD parasitic.
  • Placement optimization based on signal flow & trace length requirement of the specific interface.
  • Layer stack up recommendation.
  • Reflections analysis and determination of termination scheme.
  • Generation of layout constraints & guidelines.
  • Delay & Timing determination.
  • Crosstalk level estimation.
  • Eye diagram analysis.

Power Integrity Analysis

DC Drop Analysis

  • Modeling Power Plane structures to validate IR/DC drop in power supply
  • rails due to copper losses.
  • Output available in the form of report indicating current flow and voltage at each power pins of circuit devices.
  • 3D Plots generation representing voltage distribution through the power planes.
  • Current density 3D plot.

Decoupling Analysis

  • Analyzing impedance of power distribution network at multiple board locations and suggesting proper decoupling schemes.
  • Stackup suggestions for proper board decoupling.
  • Frequency versus Impedance plot.

DC Noise Analysis

  • Simulation of plane noise due to improper decoupling schemes.
  • 3D plot of plane noise.

EMI Analysis

  • Board Level and System level analysis.
  • Radiated Emissions Analysis.
  • Near Filed, Far Filed Emissions
  • Net and Board level radiated emissions
  • validation as per Compliance template of FCC, CISPR, VCCI, User

Thermal Analysis

  • Board and System Level Thermal Design, simulation and analysis.
  • PCB data import through IDF files available form all EDA tools.
  • Component Junction and case temperature computations.
  • Thermal profiles generation for components and PCB.
  • Reports consist of board temperature and gradients, excess temperature, 3D airflow and temperature distribution.
  • Simulation of Metal Core Designs and verification of the cooling effects and application design modifications.
  • Detection of hot spots and correction with heat transfer mechanisms analysis viz., Conduction, Convection, Radiation.
  • Support on Heat Sink Design and cooling proposals.
  • Can evaluate boards of applications like Defence, Avionics, Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Computer, Instrumentation, Automotive and Power supplies.

Reliability analysis

  • System Reliability analysis.
  • System availability analysis.
  • System maintainability analysis.
  • Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA )as per MIL-STD-1629A.
  • Uses Reliability diagram, Fault tree analysis and applicable standard models.
  • Failure rates and MTBF Analysis based on MIL-217 models.
  • Reliability prediction as per Telcordia/Bellcore (TR-332/SR-332) models.
  • Reliability Prediction as per IEC62380 models.