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Electronic Manufacturing

Argus Systems is one of the leading electronic manufacturing company in India with a specialization in quick turnaround of Prototypes and low to medium scale production meeting Automotive ( IATF 16949 ), Medical Devices ( ISO 13485 ), Aerospace & Defense ( AS9001D ) quality management standards. This Unit has been established for captive requirements as well for enterprises requiring electronic contract manufacturing services. We cater to all PCB requirements including PCB fabrication, sourcing of components, and complete electronic PCB assembly. We have a state of the art PCB manufacturing facility, a dedicated highly skilled professional team for procurement of high-quality low-cost electronic components, and a PCB assembly team to meet the requirements of customers.

As a complete Electronic product Development Organisation, we have complete knowledge of various Design for Manufacturing, Design for testing, and Design for assembly guidelines which are provided and applied to the entire project undertaken by Argus Systems to minimize errors and avoid re-spin of the boards.

Our facility provides complete full turnkey manufacturing solutions from prototyping support, pre-production to mass production, after-sales repair services, supply chain management, procurement, and sourcing services, to the global base of technology OEMs. We offer cost-effective, high mix, low to medium volume, and complex manufacturing solutions to our customers.

The major business sectors we serve are as follows:

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Assembly

Argus Systems offers Client managed offshore model, onsite/offshore model, and offshore in sourcing for various Electronic Product Design Services and Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Electronic Contract manufacturing

PCB Fabrication

Argus Systems is a leading provider of professional high quality multi-layered Rigid, Flexible, Flexi Rigid, Metal Core, and PTFE Teflon Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for Defence, Medical, Industrial, IoT, Automotive.

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Cable Harness Assembly

Argus has the design capability and practical experience to build cable assemblies that require any number of connectors, styles of termination, or types of cable.




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Box Build & System Assembly

Our capabilities include Mechanical housing design and fabrication, cable assembly, sub-system, and full system integration.

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Electronic Manufacturing Supply Chain

Argus is a leading electronic components supplier addressing all types of applications and supplying to Electronic contract manufacturing industries, Public Sector Companies, R&D, and educational Institutions.

Mechanical Engineering

Compliance and Regulatory Management

Our Regulatory Compliance Services ensure that products & solutions comply with the many global requirements for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental requirements for Electronic Systems.

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PCB Manufacturing

  • High-Reliability Multi-layer PCB.
  • Rigid Flex & Flexible PCB.
  • PCB for RF & Microwave Applications.
  • HDI PCB with Up to 12L "any-layer" Structure.
  • PCB with Embedded passives.
  • Buried metal core constructions.
Component engineering


  • PCB Assemblies with the Highest Quality and on-time delivery.
  • Quick turnaround time For NPI & Low Volume manufacturing.
  • Comprehensive & multi-stage QC process for consistent quality and high production yield.
  • Emphasis on material verification to minimize in-process delays rejects & reworks.
  • Development of Customer specific Test Jigs for testing.
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Cables & Wire Harness

  • Custom Wire Harness Assemblies.
  • Semi-Rigid and Semi-flexible Cables.
  • Chassis Wiring and Assembly.
  • EMI Shielded Cable Harness.
  • Military & Aerospace Looms Assembly.
  • RF Cable Assemblies
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Electronic Enclosures

  • Custom Enclosure for Electronic Products.
  • Aluminum Enclosure.
  • Flame Proof EXD Enclosures.
  • Plastic enclosures.
  • Stainless Steel & Sheet Metal Enclosures.
  • ATEX / IECEX approved.​
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Supply Chain Management

  • Alliance with Tier-1 manufacturers for global procurement & sourcing.
  • Buying and planning linked to corporate commodity management.
  • Extensive experience with imports, customs duties, and tariffs.
  • sourcing spans across mechanical, electrical, electronic components and sub-assemblies.
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Compliance management

  • Product Safety compliance Testing and certification.
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests.
  • Compliance Declarations (RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals).
  • UL, CE certification.
Design analysis

Conformal Coating & Potting

  • We have the knowledge and necessary process and resources to address requirements pertaining to PCB assembly conformal coatings with material such as polyurethane, silicon, acrylics, water-based coatings and non-VOC based coatings.
  • Conformal coating solutions with dipping, spraying, brushing and selective robotic coating.
  • Electronic products with Potting compound such as Hard Tamper Proof Potting Compound, Silicone Potting Encapsulant, flexible clear transparent epoxy potting compound.
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PCBA Solder Quality Analysis

  • PCB assembly Solder Joint quality analysis with visual inspection with 3D digital stereoscope as per IPC-A-610 Acceptable Solder Criteria for class 1, Class 2 and class 3 PCB assemblies.
  • Soldering quality analysis with x ray inspection system for devices with packages such as CBGA, PBGA, Micro BGA, Flip-chip, CSP, LGA and QFN.
  • Pull out strength analysis for parts to review the solder joint strength and provide feedback for mitigation of issues.

Argus Systems a globally recognized Electronic Manufacturing company supporting PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, Cable Assembly, Conformal Coating & Potting, Box Build, System-Level Assembly, Regulatory compliance Testing & supply chain management for Its Global Clients in India, USA, UK, and Australia.