PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Services

Argus Systems is one of the Leading Electronics manufacturing Services company with specialization in quick turnaround of Prototypes and low to medium scale production. This Unit has been established for both captive requirements and other enterprises that need electronic manufacturing services.

Our PCB manufacturing facilities are ISO9001:2008-certified. We cater to all PCB requirements including PCB fabrication, sourcing of components, and complete electronic PCB assembly. We have a state of the art PCB manufacturing facility, a dedicated highly skilled professional team for procurement of high-quality low-cost electronic components, and a PCB assembly team to meet the requirements of customers.

As complete Electronic product design Organisation, we have complete knowledge of various Design for Manufacturing, Design for testing and Design for assembly guidelines which is provided and applied to the entire project undertaken by Argus Systems to minimize errors and avoid re-spin of the boards.

We offer different business models for PCB assembly services including sending technicians to on-site for quick resolution of issues. Argus Systems offers Client managed offshore model, onsite/offshore model and offshore in sourcing for various Electronic Product Design Services and Electronic Manufacturing Services.

  • PCB Assemblies (UL, RoHS, ISO) with highest Quality and on-time delivery.
  • Focus on Engineering prototypes, NPI, Low-mid Volume manufacturing with Quick turnaround time.
  • Supports Single sided, Double sided, Surface mount and Through-hole Assembly.
  • Assembly of Rigid, Flexibile and Flex-Rigid PCB's.
  • Meticulous assembly backed by highly skiled professionals and process.
  • Comprehensive multi-stage QC process ensures consistent quality and high production yield.
  • Production Process Includes AOI, FPT, X-ray inepsction, Conformal Coating.
  • PCB assembly with both turnkey and consignment basis, Materials procurement and management.
  • Emphasis on material/Kit verification to minimize in-process delays, rejects and reworks.
  • Quality control test equipments, backed by a highly skilled test engineering team.
  • Development of Customer specific Test jig and PCBA Test Fixtures.
  • Support for BGA Reworks, BGA Reballing, Chip on Board (COB) Assembly.
  • complete product assembly including plastics, sheetmetal, programming, functional & performance testing
  • Hot-lot Assembly services for Urgent Requirements using reserved resources.Pick and delivery support to improve turnaround time.
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