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BSP Development, Bootloader Development, Device Driver Development, Kernel Development, Firmware Development

Board Support Package Development Services

AESPL offers comprehensive Board Support Package development services, leveraging cutting-edge tools, technologies, and expertise. Our team excels in developing custom Board Support Packages (BSP), bootloaders, device drivers, firmware, and for various hardware interfaces, ensuring seamless communication and optimal performance.

At Argus we are committed to delivering high-quality Board Support Packages (BSP), solutions that meet industry standards and ensure seamless hardware integration. Trust us as your reliable partner, leveraging advanced tools, technologies, and our expertise to develop and optimize BSP, bootloaders, device drivers, Kernel and firmware for your hardware platforms. Argus can efficiently port Embedded Linux, DSP BIOS, VxWorks, ThreadX, Nucleus, WinCE, LynxOS, uITRON, RTLinux, QNX, Xenomai, Mac OS, etc on your SoCs.

At AESPL expertise covering compilation, debugging, memory leak detection, and performance profiling allow system-level tracing to help early detection of potential defects and contribute to root-cause-analysis for problems. Design and Code Reviews ensure requirement coverage and maintenance of software quality standards. AESPL boasts of a dedicated team for the development and porting of Board Support Packages (BSP) for various platforms and architectures. We are experts in BSP development for processor architectures like x86, PowerPC, ARM and Blackfin.

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BSP, Bootloader Development

  • Our BSP expertise extends to porting bootloaders for processor boards, and porting Real-Time and Non-Real Time Operating System for different processor architectures. We also offer services for customizing Operating Systems add-ons, as per Customer Requirements.
  • We provide comprehensive BSP development using tools like Yocto Project, Buildroot, or custom BSP frameworks, enabling seamless integration of software and hardware components.
  • We adapt to the mainline code base of a silicon vendor as a reference to provide a stable version of ported BSP.
  • Bootloader Development: We specialize in developing secure and efficient bootloaders using industry-standard tools like U-Boot, Das U-Boot, or custom bootloader frameworks tailored to the specific hardware requirements.
  • Linux Device Driver Development.
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Device Drivers Development

  • AESPL works cross-functionally, pooling the knowledge of our BSP team with our device driver team, to create drivers that support peripherals on-board such as a keyboard, touch screen, USB, audio and many others.
  • We create new device drivers for ARM, PPC, MIPS and x86- based devices as well.
  • Memory devices – Flash (NOR/NAND), Compact Flash, NVSRAM
  • Bus interfaces – PCI/PCI-X/PMC, PCI-e/cPCI
  • Bus interfaces – VME, VXI, VPX, SRIO
  • Serial interfaces – RS232/422/485, SPI, I2C, I2S, CAN
  • I/O devices – USB, Ethernet, SATA/SCSI/SAS
  • Standard I/Os - Digital I/O, Analog I/O
  • Standard I/Os - Bluetooth, Zigbee, GPIB, LXI, GPS, SR10 Keypads
  • HID interface - Touchscreen
  • Ethernet MII and Physical Interface Driver
  • LCD Controllers and Display Drivers
  • Misc. devices – RTC, WDT, Timer/Counter, GPIO, Sensors etc.

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Benchmarking & Performance Analysis

  • Argus Systems undertakes benchmarking and performance analysis of Processor, Kernel, File System and Networking Layers, and align with the OSI model as required.
  • Using our domain and application architecture expertise, we architect and design for scalability where required.
  • All our BSP applications are tested rigorously for Functional Qualification and Acceptance.
  • Performance is Benchmarked using tools like LMBench, LINX, LTS, etc. Aiding our designs are cross-platform IDE tools.
  • Tools used range from VI Editor, GCC Compiler, Static Code Analyzer and CPP rule checker.
  • Documentation (QT/AT, User Manual, Installation Manual etc. are a standard part of our deliverables. Documentation and development processes adhere to global standards including IEEE, MIL and DO.
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Development Tools & Best Practices

  • We are experts in embedded software development supporting tools like GNU tool chains for x86, PowerPC, ARM, AVR, AVR32, Embedded Linux Development kit, Visual DSP for Analog devices DSPs, and Keil for 8051 controllers.
  • Other tools we use with ease are DIAB Toolchain, QNX Momentics IDE, Windriver Workbench, Freescale CodeWarrior IDE and Lauterbach IDE.
  • We deploy good practices, such as extending the use of DOXYGEN, the de facto standard for generating documentation from annotated code, to additionally flag code lines and generate traces for analyses and maintenance. This diminishes errors in the finished product and its intended use.

BSP, Bootloader, Device Driver, Kernal, Firmware Development Services?

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