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Argus Systems is one of the global Internet of things (IoT) solutions, IoT hardware, and product provider with various clients in the USA, UK, Australia, India, Doha & UAE. We have worked on various Electronic Hardware Design, embedded technologies, and solutions that are now being manufactured by customers and partners under its ODM/OEM services.

Our expertise is in proposing complete solutions including the IoT hardware, Electronic hardware design, firmware, and cloud solutions & nodes connectivity. We customize the internet of things solutions or our products to meet or exceed the customer expectations and which can be successfully deployed with very little time to market.

Next Generation Products

We come up with new innovative technological devices with customized product development in our niche market. Cutting Edge technologies are used in any type of industry including automotive, Medical, Engineering, and other industries.

OEM Solutions

Argus is one of the leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM Company in India, We help our clients to design and develop the product with zero defect. Our Experienced team expertise in working on different technologies to deliver the best to clients

End To End Solutions

Argus focuses on concept design to end solutions. We are experienced in Security and Surveillance, Home and industrial automation, medical, transport & Logistics, Automotive, Networking, Telecom, IoT, and connected devices.

Cloud & Apps

Argus innovative & efficient business solutions based on cloud, ML and AI futuristic technologies help businesses to embark a successful journey towards maximizing their return on investment & delivering the solution as per their requirement.

High-Reliability Electronic Systems

At Argus, we focus on medium to high complexity design solutions exceed all our customer’s electrical and mechanical constraints. We are customer-centric and deliver a high-reliability product to our customers.

Electronic Hardware Design

Argus Electronic Design and Develop Customized products according to the requirements of the customers maintaining the company standards we have experienced engineers who work any complex products and deliver to customer satisfaction.


Electronic Design

Automatic Meter Reading


Multi Alarm Automatic Shutdown-System


Multi-Modal Temperature Relief

Electronic Product Design

Proximity Warning Site Safety Systems

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EMS services

Active Noise Cancelling Earmuff

 PCB Design

ECU Testing System

HDI products

IIoT Gateway

IoT Technology

Home Automation

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