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  • Single Board Computers
    Samsung S3C2440 (ARM920T) based board with SDRAM, NAND Flash, SD Card, Ethernet,USB,LCD, Touch Interface, CCD Camera, GSM/GPRS, IRDA, Serial Ports, Audio Codecs.
  • Networking Products
    MIPS24K processor based Board with 10/100 Ethernet WAN Interface, 5-port 10/100 LAN interface, 802.11b/g/n WLAN, ISDN and Dial-up port.
  • Automotive Control and
    Entertainment System
    Freescale iMX233 (ARM926) board with DDR, Flash, SD Card ,USB, Bluetooth, microphone,Headphone, AM/FM Receiver.
  • Data acquisition systems
    fiber bragg grating interrogator system, DAQ system for energy management.
    PCI, PCIe , PCI-X DAQ cards.Supported for Matlab and Labview tool chains.
  • Automotive Products
    and Lighting Control
    LIN and CAN Interface based Automotive Power management .
    Automotive battery sensing and management .
    LIN i/f based automotive (bike) lighting control.
  • Energy Management Gateway
    Energy Gateway is an embedded gateway device that connects various energy monitoring and consuming devices to a centralized server running energy management application software.
  • Measurement and
    Sensing applications
    High side/Low side Battery sensing.
    Flow Sensors.
    Proximity sensing.
    Temperature, humidity sensors.
  • Radioactive Elements
    Analysis Systems
    core sample Analysis system with 4-PI geometry. Bore hole logging system with Digital counter with GM & scintillation detectors.
    Gamma Ray Spectrometer for gross count & concentration measurement of elements.
  • Data Convertors
    Serial to Ethernet Convertor: device with a standard serial interface can connect  to 10/100Mbps Ethernet with embedded devices servers in a snap.
    RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Convertor.
  • FPGA Boards
    Board with Virtex-5 LX FPGA, 8 channel 12-bit ADC, Octal channel 12-bit DAC, IO Expansion.
    PCIe Card with Virtex-5 LXT FPGA, IO expansion.
    Card with 2 Spartan-3A, 2 No. 250MSPS 8bit ADC,2 No, 250MSPS 8-bit DAC.
  • FPGA Boards
    Board with Spartan-3E FPGA, Serial interfaces (USB, UART, SPI, I2C), IO Expansion ports.
    Board with Spartan-3A FPGA, Parallel flash, Serial flash, cypress PSOC-5 mixed signal array, USB 2.0, IO Expansion Ports.
  • FPGA Boards
    Board with Altera Stratix FPGA, SDRAM, USB, Ethernet.
    Board with Altera Flex 10K EPLD, SHARC ADSP-21161, ADC, DDC.
  • IoT Platforms
    Argus develops and offers services for IoT platforms with bluetooth, LORA, WiFi, zigbee, GPS, GSM, GPRS, FHSS, touch interface, E-paper display,sensor interfaces, battery operated for various applications.
  • DSP Boards
    Analog Devices Blackfin (ADSP-BF533) board for audio and video applications
    Analog Devices SHARC (ADSP-21261) board for data acquisition applications includes multi-channel ADC and DAC
  • DSP Boards
    Analog Devices SHARC (ADSP-21161) board for data acquisition applications includes ADC, DDC
    Analog Devices ADSP 218x/219x board for VoIP Applications
    TI OMAP (ARM9 + C674X) board for IP-STB Applications
  • Wireless connectivity solutions
    Standard compliant and proprietary wireless connectivity modules.

    Wi-Fi, ZigBee, LoRa, Bluetooth,GSM/GPRS,RFID modules.
  • Microcontroller Development Boards
    Dev Board with Atmega2560, USB , audio interface.
    AT89C51 ATMEL Development board.
    Dev Board with ATmega32U4,USB Host,Ethernet,wifi.
  • Microcontroller Development Boards
    Dev Board with PIC24EP512GU810 16bit uC, USB, SD card.
    PIC18LF2450 microchip development board.
    Dev Board with PIC24FJ128, diff instrumentation amplifier,GSM/GPRS for wireless weigh scale applications.
  • Irrigation Control System
    measures up to 4- humidity sensors where it monitors humidity level under the soil/tree and displays in LCD display. based on preset level system activates the alarm and displays the condition as dry for its respective sensors.
  • ANC audio system
    Active Noise Reduction headphone system reduces annoying low frequency sound in noisy environment. device measures external ambient noise with its built-in microphone and synthesizes opposite phase sound to reduce background noise.
  • Industrial Controller Cards
    analog signal input/output modules, signal/command conversion and transmission/reception modules discrete signal input/output modules, command input/output unit,coupling module.
  • System on modules
    NXP Kinetis K70 SOM.
    ATMEL AT91RM9200 SOM.
    NXP LPC1768 SOM.
    Samsung S3C2440 SOM.

School Mangement system is complete ERP solution which can be customised for each and every school to make them smart. Below are its features and are available with cost effective subscription based model.

    School management system

    School management system Features

  • Student + Teacher + Parent + Class Management: Dashboard displays entire student details class wise for the respective school. Different dashboards for Student, teacher, class and Parent.
  • Academic Syllabus Management: This tab allows Academic Syllabus management for the entire school class wise for the session.
  • Fee Management: This module enables a school to manage Fees class wise session wise. Fees can be paid through three modes: a) Cash b) Check c) Card.
  • Holiday Management: Complete School Holiday management can be taken care from this tab. A list of all the holidays which falls on the current academic year is shown here. It allows to Add / Modify / Delete / Download
  • Time table and Assignment Management: Time table tab helps to manage the entire timetable for the school class wise teacher wise. This page allows to Add / Modify / Delete.
  • Assignment/ Homework Management: Any assignment or homework can be Added/ Uploaded through this page class wise by the Teacher. The same will be visible to parents on their panel. It allows to Add/ Edit/ Download/ Delete.
  • Thought of the Day Management:o Thought of the day contain motivational proverb/s related to education or any other field, the same is managed Admin. It will be visible to all users across panels.
  • Reports: All kind of reports can be generated and users can take print out also. These reports can be downloaded in the format of Excel/PDF.
  • Club/House Management: This module allows House / Club management that every school follows. It allows to Add/ Edit/ Download/ Delete.
  • RFID Show n Go Wifi Distributed Attendance System: Attendance can be marked through any of the RFID devices asour product supports distributed attendance system. Only one device is used to take attendance for IN/OUT.
  • Task Management:The Admin can assign any task to anyone in the school. It allows to Add/ Edit/ Download/ Delete.
  • Smart Annual / PTM Invitation Management: Invitation will be sent to all the parents for PTM / Annual function through our application and it can be used during the PTM / Annual function by the parent, hence no need to carry any print copy of invitation.
  • Smart Student Pickup Management (Annual function): It provides QR-Code enabled system; this will be used during pickup and drop. A message will be sent to the registered number in both cases.
  • Hostel Management: This module allows the complete management of Hostel. It oversees hostel activities/work such as defining hostels, hostel admissions and fees, room and mess allotment, monthly mess bill calculation, student certificates, reports, hostel stores and many more.
  • Notification of attendance on mobile: Whenever Card is tapped attendance will be automatically taken and a notification will be shown on the registered number.
  • Communication Management: Communications management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within andschool and parents.
  • Circular Management (Notice Board): Any kind of circular, which need to be shown to all students and parent has to be notified through this page. We are providing provision to send these notice through SMS also.
  • Library Management: This enables easy management of any type of library. It's actually a virtual version of a real library. It is a web based system where you can manage books of different categories, manage members of different types and manage issue/return of books easily.
  • DigiLocker Integration: DigiLocker is a "digital locker" service that enables students / parents/ school to store all important officialcertificates/documents on the cloud.
  • Digital Certificates (Smart Certificate): RFID Tag enabled smart certificates.

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