Argus Design and Develop Electronic product engineering in medical industry that depends on stringent process control and product traceability, Argus specialized facilities strictly adhere to a comprehensive quality system designed to meet the needs of the medical industry. Our high-mix, low volume manufacturing combined with competitive, off-shore production and value added assembly provide a custom end-to-end solutions for the medical customer.

Our specialties include

  • Advanced metal and assembly for ultrasound, MR other medical HLA products.
  • Advanced medical backplane assembly for CT applications
  • Medical printed circuit boards that include complex designs for implantable devices, patient monitoring, robotic surgery systems, CT and MR Systems

  • Key Offerings

  • Medical equipment design & prototyping
  • Electronics/software/ Industrial design and Development/ Mechanical
  • BoM optimization and low power design for wearable health devices
  • Device miniaturization, localization and re-engineering
  • IoT Powered connected healthcare solutions.
Product Portfolio

Argus Systems believes in "First time, Right solution" and with experienced technical resources we can be your complete electronic product design partner.

Werable Respirator

Cryothermic Wrap: Multi-Modal Temperature Relief