Compliance Testing & Certification

Electronic Product Compliance Testing

Argus Systems offers product verification & validation (V&V), Compliance Testing Engineering and product certification services. Our Test engineering team can design and offer customized solution for customer specific test Requirements. our domain experts Compliance Testing Engineering team assists you in getting your product tested and certified for the industry standards and essential norms like FCC, UL, and CE. Our Test engineering team can design and offer customized solution for customer specific Requirements. Services offered are

Product Test Engineering

Electronic Product V&V

Electronic Product Testing

  • Hardware and software integration Testing.
  • Functional verification & Trouble shooting
  • IP Verification Services
  • performance validation
  • Regression testing
  • User acceptance testing,GUI based testing
  • Regulatory compliance Testing
  • EMC / EMI Compliance Test Services
  • EMC immunity testing
  • characterization tests
  • Burn in Test, Environmental Test
  • Root cause failure analysis
PCB Test Fixtures

PCB Test Fixture, PCB Test Jig

  • Extensive experience in designing customized PCB test jig to test Bare PCB or assembled PCBs for customer specific Requirements.
  • In-Circuit Test Development.
  • DFT implementation and Probe accessibility audits.
  • PCB Test Fixture fabrication data to support vendor of choice.
  • Complete documentation and test program conforming to your requirements.
  • PCB Test jig for Panellized board testing.
  • Testing for dual access, bi-level PCB Test fixture.
  • Boundary scan test support.
  • Rapid test program development.

Compliance Testing Engineering

Automatic Test Equipments

  • Design and Development of automatic Test Equipment.
  • Diagnostics And Functional Test Platform Development.
  • System Integration.
  • Test Applications For Various Hardware Platforms.
  • Test Automation.
  • Development Of Test Fixtures, Test Simulators And Test Setups.
  • Product Testing and Validation Using ATE.
  • Boundary Scan Testing.
Compliance Testing Engineering

QA Automation

  • Argus accelerates the test execution process enhancing businesses’ go-to-market strategy while reducing risk and delivering greater business value through test automation.
  • Our test automation addresses the industry need for high quality, reliable testing services while concurrently delivering tangible cost savings to business.
  • With our offering of robust testing services, we support end-to-end testing, across multiple technologies.

  • Flying Probe Testing

    PCBA Flying Probe Testing

  • we establish flying probe test setup which is best suitable for prototype boards and small production runs, low volume boards, and products with short life cycles having a quick program development and testing turnaround times.
  • DFT Analysis.
  • Quick Test Program Development.
  • Prototype and Production Board Testing.
  • Combination of flying probe and boundary scan test.
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and fixed electro scan capabilities.
  • High fault detection.

  • Functional Testing

    Functional Testing

  • Functional test is any form of electronics testing that exercises the function of a circuit.
  • There are a number of different approches that can be adopted dependent upon the type of circuit (RF,Digital,Analogue,etc), the degree of testing required.The main approaches are outlined below:
  • Functional Automatic Test Equipment.
  • Test Equipment Using GPIB
  • Chassis or Rack Based Test Equipment.