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Power Integrity Analysis at System Level

Power Integrity ( PI ) Analysis at System Level 

Power Integrity is not a new term in high-speed digital design and analysis. Ever increasing count of PCB layout planes, form factor limitation, high IC density, cost constraint are few of many factors which results in complex electronic designs.

Power integrity ( PI ) Analysis is sometimes assumed as a sub discipline of Signal Integrity, but as they are coherently related they have distinctive features of their own which are to be done in different ways.  Signal Integrity analysis is based on transmission lines whereas in Power Integrity analysis we are dealing with power distribution through transmission planes.

Power Integrity can identify the potential problems and with appropriate modifications and validations the analysis can be done again, this trial and error approach helps to identify problem on virtual prototypes and saves in turn cost of actual manufacturing and later re-spin of boards.

As explained in one of the white papers as per IEEE EMC symposium the complete definition of power integrity for a power delivery network can be defined as:

  • A power delivery network (PDN) has to deliver sufficiently clean power supply to ICs.
  • The PDN has to provide low noise reference path to signals.
  • The PDN should not radiate excessively.

Depending on the above definition the Power Integrity analysis has different types of simulations which can be listed as:

  • DC Power Integrity ( IR-Drop analysis) : Analysis of trace and plane shapes to determine how much voltage is lost due to the resistance of copper.
  • Decoupling analysis : To meet low impedance requirements.
  • Noise analysis : Noise analysis of IC Power pins or from via to another.

For high-speed and highly-reliable PCB design it is essential to perform pre-layout PDN analysis and Power Integrity analysis is a must for it.

Argus Systems is leader in PCB and system-level design and analysis Services offering Power Integrity AnalysisSI analysis, Thermal Analysis,  Cross-talk analysisEMI Analysis, Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis for applications like Defense, Space, Avionics, Networking,Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Semiconductor, Robotics, Computing and Automotive.

Electronic Product Design and Development Process- An Overview

Electronic product design and development process involves many stages. In the first stage verbal discussion is initiated between customer and the engineering team for requirement gathering. Once the engineering team has gathered sufficient data and requirements the feasibility analysis stage starts. Our technical team review the requirements and prepare a system and design architecture document which details in concept hardware and software partitioning and architecture of the product.

Discussion is initiated between customers and Engineers to come up with product cost and if any technical trade offs is to be done. By the end of this stage we are ready with complete detailed product specifications. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is conducted on the product at system and subsystem level to ensure the system built is full reliable.

Detailed PCB design and prototyping is next stage which involves library development, schematic design and capture, PCB critical placements, PCB routing , Gerber generation, Thermal analysis and BOM validation. Periodic customer feedback and approval process is followed throughout the stages.

Once hardware and software design is completed the final product design is released for manufacturing. Argus process does not end here, once the product is fabricated and assembly is completely done, we start verification and validation process as per customer requirements on prototyped boards. After only complete testing and verification is done the product is handed over to the customers. Argus believe in “First time, Right Solution” and our numerous positive customer testimonials echos it.

Argus appoints account manager for each and every electronic product design and development project and are directly involved in assuring success of every project.

Argus specializes in end-to-end electronic product design and development services. Our design process is structured to deliver highly efficient and reliable electronic products.We have expertise in wide range of technologies including domains such as Industrial automation, Process Control , Defence & Aerospace, Telecom & Networking, Automotive, Atomic Energy and Semiconductor.