Smart irrigation controller with soil moisture sensor

Argus Embedded System has designed and developed Smart irrigation controller with soil moisture sensor. It can be connected to up to 4- humidity sensors where it continuously monitors humidity level under the soil/tree and displays in the 16*2 LCD display. Whenever the humidity value reaches below the critical value, the system activates the alarm and displays the condition as dry for its respective sensor.

Smart irrigation controller with soil moisture sensor product is useful in any part of world and gives alert in form of LCD display and buzzer. It results in optimal water utilization in agriculture.

The product can be bought by farmers, garden owners including professional enthusiast to  make them Agri-smart.

Block Diagram

Smart irrigation system with humidity sensor.

Smart irrigation system with humidity sensor.










Features :

 Microcontroller: ATMEGA
 16KB Flash
 8 channel 10 bit ADC
 16X2 LCD display
 4KHZ PIEZO Buzzer
 Easy installation
 Nickel plated, high electric conduction performance, anti-rust, long lifespan
humidity sensor
 Operating voltage: 12V DC
 Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
 Humidity range: 0-100%
 Dimensions:117*97*30


Smart Irrigation Controller

Smart Irrigation Controller

The product purchase request can be sent to  or can be contacted via phone or email . We ship this product worldwide and also it can be customized as per your requirements.

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