Argus has design and developed RFID Inventory Tracking System which uses RS485 to connect to Reader. This inventory system is designed for Industrial usage in which the assets are kept in large shop or plant floor.  Below are the challenges faced and resolution done to make it a successful product.


  1. The RFID reader and the controller PC can not be kept nearby.
  2. The assets are kept in huge shop floor, the LED and Buzzer indication should come for easy identification of assets.
  3. Multiple RFID Readers should be connected to the system for complete asset management.

Product Specifications

  •  RFID Reader has RS 485 connector so that the controller PC can be kept at far location.
  • Tags are designed to have LED and Buzzer functionality.
  • Controller software is modified so that it can accommodation multiple RFID Readers and tags.
  • Design of Hardware & Software are optimized for low power and battery consumption.

As the RFID reader has RS485 connection the reader can be kept far away.
The antenna can be aligned as per the Line of site of the assets.
Also the Antenna can be changed as per the requirement to improve the
coverage of the RFID reader. The store manager can give the Tag asset number
to locate the tag and the buzzer and LED will guide the personnel to the
exact asset location. The RFID Inventory Tracking System solution can be
enhanced to add entry and exit choke points to note down the exit location
of the assets.

This RFID Inventory Tracking System can be customized as per requirement to serve various other Industrial deployments.

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