Quark OpenWRT Wifi router with 4G/LTE  support  is revolutionary product developed by Argus Embedded System. It supports storage devices to be connected to the Access point which gives additional benefit for the users to access all the files locally or remotely over LAN or WAN interfaces. As its 4G/LTE supported** it allows the users to connect to Internet using dongle and not depend only on ISP’s for internet connections.

The  Quark OpenWRT Wifi router with 4G/LTE  support  is idle for remote locations and areas where Ethernet or dsl internet connectivity has not reached. Also it works as great development board for software developers who wants to understand the nitty-gritty of openWRT, Router, Wifi etc.


Block Diagram:


OpenWRT Routerwith 4G/LTE support

OpenWRT Routerwith 4G/LTE support









Quark OpenWRT Wifi Router

Quark OpenWRT Wifi Router

Download Datasheet:





The  OpenWRT WiFi router with 4G/LTE  product purchase request can be sent to sales@sysargus.com  or can be contacted via phone or email . We ship this product worldwide and also it can be customized as per your requirements.

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Note: 4G/LTE support depends on driver installation of dongle, tested and verified with Airtel E3372h-607 Data Card


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