Industrial IoT or IIoT is also known as “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” is re-emphasizing the the connected world phenomena and taking it to the next level with connecting all legacy and modern devices and things in a way that industrial organizations becomes connected, self reliant and autonomous.  According to IDC, worldwide spending on the IoT is forecast to reach $772.5B in 2018 among which discrete manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and utilities will lead all industries in IoT spending by 2020, averaging $40B each.

The manufacturing industry has challenge where the traditional legacy systems is to be made smart. Its always easy to design a solution, build to solve a specific problem but there are constraints and scalability parameters which has to be kept in mind while designing new system or proposing new solutions. However, whether legacy or modern designed industry for any system to get connected with other devices and to be able to communicate with server, the need of industrial IIoT industry is industrial IoT gateway.

Industrial IoT is a broad term, if defined in more simpler way, below are the areas which are going to be impacted and need vendor and manufacturers to build solution around them.

  1. Legacy Industries : Traditional machines, to connected with modules which can understand both languages (PLC, Modbus, GPRS, LoRa, Sigfox)
  2. Smart home, city and Industries : Those industries which can be made smart with new solutions integrated with existing infrastructure.

Legacy Industries -> Smart Industry using Industrial IoT Gateway


This is one of the classic shop-floor-to-top-floor connected environment example.

Smart Cities using Industrial IoT Gateway



Industrial IoT gateway is one of the Argus developed Embedded Platforms which are of high performance and can be customized to suit both of these industrial IoT gateway requirements .  It is based on 32-bit RISC processor with 256 RAM and 64 MB flash to run any type of IoT applications on top of it.

General Features and technologies used by Industrial IoT gateway Argus Embedded’s Platform:

  1. Interface Ports: RS485, RS 232, Ethernet, USB 2.0 host
  2. Wireless: RF, GPRS, LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi
  3. I/O to connect various sensors

Sensors being used by various customers with Argus Industrial IoT gateway :

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