Industrial Applications of SCADA systems

 What is SCADA ?

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system in a simplistic approach can be defined as a supervisory control system which monitor inputs and initiate the output action based on associated logic for input events. The traditional way its done by small industries are using manual human controlled actions. Installing automated SCADA system lets industries monitor and control the system using automated tools whose accuracy results in lowering production costs and in the long run turns out to be beneficial for the company.

SCADA systems can be bought from reputed companies and customized with additional costs to suits the Industrial manufacturing system or cost effective alternative is, in-house development of such systems as per the need of the industry.  As in-house development of SCADA systems requires expertise, Argus Systems unique “Design your own Product (DOP)” program, lets you acquire the expertise of dedicated individuals and helps you in creating products from custom requirements.

Industries where SCADA systems can be deployed  ?

SCADA Systems plays vital role by providing utilities for various Industrial application and are useful in Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Food, and Textile, telecommunications, water and waste control, energy, solar and transportation. A SCADA system for power companies ensures delivery of power in a reliable and safe manner. SCADA system for oil and gas industry has remote data collection, real time processing, storage, alarming, display, call-out and reporting capabilities. The SCADA capabilities can be further utilized to monitor grid protection relays, stations monitoring weather, energy meters, transformers, DC switches and Valves.

Architecture of SCADA systems

A SCADA system typically consists of four major elements:

  • Master Terminal Unit (MTU) :  The MTU initiates all communication with remote sites and is situated at operator’s control site.
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU):The RTU is located at the remote site and is responsible to gather data from field devices like panel, valves, alarms, etc. and keep them in memory until the MTU initiates command to send.
  • Communication Equipment: For MTU-RTU communication the system can employ more than one means including dial-up, DSL, ISDN, Ethernet, fiber optics, Wi-Fi, or any other broadband services.
  • SCADA Software: Typical SCADA system software provides a HMI or Human Machine Interface for the operator to visualize and control all the functions of the system.

Overall data acquisition is performed at the DC level as well as AC level. Different methods may be used for communication to the SCADA via ModBus. Both DC and AC side parameters, status and diagnostics can be continuously acquired by SCADA monitoring system.

PCB Design Challenges in SCADA System Design

The Industrial environmental conditions (significant radiated  and conducted emissions due to switching of heavy electrical/electronics cards) makes the SCADA product development quite challenging in terms of systems susceptibility for the harsh environmental conditions as well as ability to run the system with lower noise margins.

All the SCADA systems has ADC and DAC as their building blocks requiring lower noise floors for their proper operations which in turn requires special attention in electronic designs of the system.The SCADA systems usually  would have multiple communication interfaces running over longer lengths of external cables posing severe challenges for ESD/EMI compliant design.

Argus Systems experienced product design professional overcame the challenges and successfully delivered the product living up-to the standard set up by them. Argus systems is India’s leading vendor in providing customized SCADA solution for various Industrial domains.

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