Electronic Product Design in India

Electronic Product Design in India 

As per Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity) , Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India,

“While demand increased across all sectors, demand for high technology products, specifically electronic products has registered significant growth and going by current estimates, the demand for electronics hardware in the country is projected to increase from USD 45 billion in 2009 to USD400 billion by 2020 (Source: Task Force Report).

The estimated production will reach USD 104 billion by the year 2020, creating a gap of USD 296 billion in demand and production. This creates a unique opportunity for companies in the ESDM (Electronic System Design & Manufacturing) sector to look at India as their next destination to cater to the domestic Indian demand as well as act as an exports hub. “

Argus Systems is continuously committed  and specializes in the Electronic Design and
Manufacturing Services with experience in NPI, R&D and designing unique products for import substitution. Our core strength is proven turnkey capabilities for executing complex  projects within the specified time frame.  Argus Systems is one of the leading player in electronic product design located in  India, serving client all over the globe including USA and UK.

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