Data Acquisition System -Argus Systems Data Acquisition card for Industrial Applications Any change in physical condition like change in temperature, force, weight, Intensity of light, gas pressure, fluid force etc can be measured using Data Acquisition System. Generally the input is analogue in characteristics which is to be converted into digital and sampled using data acquisition system. The sampled acquired data is given as input to the DAQ software which in turn defines the action to be taken place. Data Acquisition System can be utilized heavily in Power plants, Solar applications, and places where temperature or pressure is to be measured. A Data Acquisition System consists of sensors, DAQ hardware and software which can interpret the collected data and are generally installed on the host computer. The interfaces which can be used to connect data acquisition hardware to computers are PCI bus, USB and Ethernet, serial I/O, RS232, PXI bus, PCI express and RS485. RS485 interfaces are predominantly used in Industrial data acquisition systems in which typically the data has to travel more than 1.2 km or around 4,000 feet. For smaller distances around 15 m-300 m, RS 232 interfaces can be utilized. A Data Acquisition system can be entirely developed as an embedded system wherein the the hardware and software works as standalone unit with none dependency on other devices. This type of boards  acts as plug-in board solutions. Argus Embedded System has designed and developed PCI based data acquisition card which can be used in variety of Industrial applications. These can be customized or developed as per the requirements of the Industry.  FEATURES:
  • Uses Cyclone 1 , Altera family device EP1C12Q240C6
  • Four high speed FIFO’s IDT2V2113
  • 64 bits,66 MHz PCI 9656
  • High speed, low power Bus LVDS transceiver
  • MAX 7000B devices are high density, high performance
  • Input Interface: PCI, Ethernet, HDMI.
  • Power supply: 12VDC, 5VDC, 3VDC.
  • Dimensions: 106.7 x 26.4mm
  • Temperature range: 0 to 80° C
  • Layers:12
Argus Embedded System  is India’s leading company in providing electronic product design services for Industrial, Networking & Telecom and Defense domains.
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