Automatic Meter Reader for Energy Meters
Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting consumption
of energy parameters and send to server for comparison and data analysis purposes.

The parameters which are sent to the server are Active Energy, Voltage, Current,
Frequency, Power, and Power factor.
The advantage of installing Automatic Meter Reader for Energy Meters is
to obtain the historical consumption data and utilize them to understand the high consumption
area, timing and implementation of strategy to reduce the same.

As per Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (USA based nonprofit organization)
a smarter grid can help you in following ways :

Deployment Diagram




Argus has developed Automatic Meter Reader for Energy Meters with features:

Automatic Meter Reader

Automatic Meter Reader

Device works on Ac supply 230V

Supports RS485/RS232 communication

Can connect up to 32 electric meters in a network

GPRS/SMS based system.

Reads from electric meters and updates to server/mobile

Battery backup during power failure.


Automatic Meter Reader for Energy Meters purchase request can be sent to
or can be contacted via phone or email.
We ship this product worldwide and also it can be customized as per your requirements.

We have independently developed AMR addon board which can be added to any of the existing meters and make it GPRS enabled and smart enough to be connected to the cloud.

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