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Interview featured in design in India EFY Series

Interview featured in design in India EFY Series

The interview features Dhiraj Kumar, Director, systems engineering, Argus , talking to Abhimanyu Rathore of EFY.

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Argus Embedded System  is India’s leading company in providing electronic product design services for Industrial, Networking & Telecom and Defense domains. Our professional team of experts in India, USA and UK are available via phone or email for your consultation

Argus Views on FPGA and Developments Boards

Argus Views on FPGA and Developments Boards got featured in Electronics For You  Magazine  July 2015 Edition.

Read the complete article here Embedded_FPGA.

Argus Featured in EFY Magazine -May 2015

Argus Featured in EFY Magazine -May 2015.

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EFY Industry Report – Telecom

Telecom Product Design In India

Argus PCB design business in relevance to telecom product designs

Thermal Management & Reliability

 The Key difference between the telecom industry and the consumer electronics industry is telecom’s need for very high reliability and availability. Electronic Systems reliability is very important to the telecom and data communication service providers in current highly price competitive business environment. Argus PCB Design business has been refined and tuned as per the relevance of telecom product design.

Operating costs for maintenance and replacement of telecom products are higher (especially wireless base stations installed in remote and unmanned locations), unless the equipment is highly dependable throughout its lifetime.

Telecom product availability and reliability primarily depends upon architectural redundancy, software robustness and manufacturing quality, however the reliability of the product on the printed circuit boards is majorly affected by the temperature of the equipment.

Increasing computing requirements and higher network traffic coupled with 24/7 availability mandates are contributing to increased power densities in PCB and enclosures.

This makes sophisticated system-level thermal design and management a vital part of designing telecom equipment’s.  Argus design team has to optimize the thermal design equipment by modeling and analyzing printed circuit board (PCB) temperatures using design analysis tools.

Argus has introduced System Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis as part of its design analysis flow specific to telecom products.

Design complexities

The telecom products are pushing technology envelops with ever increasing features sets as it continuously seeks to reduce the form factor and weight of product. Due to complexity of telecom Printed Circuit Boards Argus had to upgrade to high performance PCB Design & circuit simulation tools, introduce additional design analysis & manufacturing verification tools and upgrade existing design methodologies to match up with advanced PCB design technologies.

  • Mixed digital/analog/RF Designs with embedded Passives
  • High Layer count & High density Designs
  • Impedance controlled Designs
  • High speed interconnects , Multiple High pin count Ultra Fine pitch Devices
  • Designs with Micro Vias, Blind, Buried Via

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RF and Microwave PCB design


RF and Microwave PCB design

RF and Microwave PCB design is considered to be a niche domain requiring exceptional understanding of constrained, exhaustive guidelines and general pitfalls. Selection and placement of components even PCB material if not chosen wisely could cause complete failure of the RF and Microwave PCB design, which could have been done with utmost care at the design phase. We will delve further on RF and Microwave PCB Design and try to understand why it is highly recommended to give your RF and Microwave PCB design projects to only specialized firm.

RF (Radio Frequency) is a part of electromagnetic spectrum having frequencies from 3 kHz to 300GHz with wavelengths ranging from 1 mm to 100 KM, travelling at the speed of light. A part of Radio frequency spectrum between 300MHz to 300GHz is known as Microwave which includes UHF, EHF and SHF band. RF signals can be characterized as high frequency analogue signals. As the signals are analogue in nature and mostly travel over-the-air the amplitude, voltage and current levels are not defined but vary as per environment and medium. To add to the complexity of the analogue signal, its not single frequency but generally band of frequencies so the RF and Microwave PCB design and circuits are designed to pass the desired band and filter out the rest. 

Issues and Challenges in RF and Microwave PCB Design

  • RF and Microwaves are highly sensitive to noise.
  • Matching Impedance is challenging as higher the frequency the lower the tolerance.
  • Expects Zero Return loss
  • Cross talk is directly proportional to the edge rates of the active line.
  • Dissipation factor and dielectric constant value can cause huge losses
  • Taking account of Skin Depth loss: At higher frequencies electrons flow on the outer surfaces of the conductor knows as skin effect and causes the effective resistance of the conductor to increase. Continue reading

M2M and IoT (Machine to Machine and Internet of Things)

M2M and IoT (Machine to Machine and Internet of Things)


M2M and IoT (Machine to Machine and Internet of Things) are closely related to each other and should be considered as a concept to build prototypes which reveal a worldof infinite possibilities. Machine to Machine (M2M) refers to protocols or technologies which can be used to initiate machine to machine communication. It can be done using wireless or wired systems. Internet of Things (IoT) is buzzword which describes any object or things which we can use in our day-to-day lives communicate with each other and in-turn with us using WWW or Internet. 

Industry Forecast and Market Research

According to Gartner, world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, the Internet of Things installed base will grow to 26 Billion Units By 2020. The incremental IoT supplier revenue contribution from IoT in 2020 is estimated at $309 billion. As per IT research agency, International Data Corporation (IDC), the global Internet of Things market, over a period of 6 years is expected to grow by more than $5 trillion and predicts that global IoT market would hit $7.1 trillion by 2020.

Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG Continue reading

Argus Featured in Electronic For You (EFY)-April 2015

Argus Embedded Systems contributed to the Article of EYI (Electronic For You)  Magazine.

You  can read the Article at below link:

Buyers Guide-Prototyping FPGA_April 15

Argus Embedded System Build your Own Product (BoP) Program

Build your Own Product (BoP) Program By Argus Embedded Systems.

Argus Embedded System a firm specialized in Electronic Product design services is running successfully  – Build your Own Product –  program and is happy to share the successful launch of two products, design and developed by Argus for customers under OEM agreement.

Under this program the joint development and Indigenisation of the product is done. This customer-centric program helps in identifying the requirements and then the Argus experienced team does feasibility analysis and cost estimation. After this the prototypes are developed which are successfully shifted on to production stage.

Given the limitations of technology and time that may be available for any product to reach production stage.Its very crucial that right firm be utilized to develop indigenous platforms and systems. Argus Embedded system has proven track record for developing R&D products which are best and unique in industry. Argus has worked on very wide range of technologies including radio frequency , electro-magnetics, analogue semiconductors, digital and microprocessor chips, , sensors, actuators, digital signal processors, opto-electronics and photonics, displays, embedded software, power supplies and antennae.

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Data Acquisition System (DAQ) for Industrial Applications

Data Acquisition System -Argus Systems Data Acquisition card for Industrial Applications

Any change in physical condition like change in temperature, force, weight, Intensity of light, gas pressure, fluid force etc can be measured using Data Acquisition System. Generally the input is analogue in characteristics which is to be converted into digital and sampled using data acquisition system. The sampled acquired data is given as input to the DAQ software which in turn defines the action to be taken place. Data Acquisition System can be utilized heavily in Power plants, Solar applications, and places where temperature or pressure is to be measured.

A Data Acquisition System consists of sensors, DAQ hardware and software which can interpret the collected data and are generally installed on the host computer. The interfaces which can be used to connect data acquisition hardware to computers are PCI bus, USB and Ethernet, serial I/O, RS232, PXI bus, PCI express and RS485. RS485 interfaces are predominantly used in Industrial data acquisition systems in which typically the data has to travel more than 1.2 km or around 4,000 feet. For smaller distances around 15 m-300 m, RS 232 interfaces can be utilized.

A Data Acquisition system can be entirely developed as an embedded system wherein the the hardware and software works as standalone unit with none dependency on other devices. This type of boards  acts as plug-in board solutions.

Argus Embedded System has designed and developed PCI based data acquisition card which can be used in variety of Industrial applications. These can be customized or developed as per the requirements of the Industry.


  • Uses Cyclone 1 , Altera family device EP1C12Q240C6
  • Four high speed FIFO’s IDT2V2113
  • 64 bits,66 MHz PCI 9656
  • High speed, low power Bus LVDS transceiver
  • MAX 7000B devices are high density, high performance


  • Input Interface: PCI, Ethernet, HDMI.
  • Power supply: 12VDC, 5VDC, 3VDC.
  • Dimensions: 106.7 x 26.4mm
  • Temperature range: 0 to 80° C
  • Layers:12

Argus Embedded System  is India’s leading company in providing electronic product design services for Industrial, Networking & Telecom and Defense domains.

Announcement of Office Relocation: Argus Embedded Systems, Hyderabad, India Office Moved to New Location

Announcement of Office Relocation: Argus Embedded Systems, Hyderabad, India Office Moved to New Location

We are pleased to announce that Our Hyderabad, India Office have moved to a new office.

Argus Embedded Systems, a leading Electronic Product Design and Electronic manufacturing Services firm, is pleased to announce its new location for the Hyderabad, India office.

With an excellent infrastructure and better facilities, the new office is located at :

Plot No. 36, Phase-III,

1st Floor, Kamalapuri colony

Hyderabad, Telangana-500073

Argus provides electronic design services for Telecom, Networking, Semiconductor, Defence, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Robotics, and Wireless domains. Clients are based throughout USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Middle East.