Build your Own Product (BoP) Program By Argus Embedded Systems.

Argus Embedded System a firm specialized in Electronic Product design services is running successfully  – Build your Own Product –  program and is happy to share the successful launch of two products, design and developed by Argus for customers under OEM agreement.

Under this program the joint development and Indigenisation of the product is done. This customer-centric program helps in identifying the requirements and then the Argus experienced team does feasibility analysis and cost estimation. After this the prototypes are developed which are successfully shifted on to production stage.

Given the limitations of technology and time that may be available for any product to reach production stage.Its very crucial that right firm be utilized to develop indigenous platforms and systems. Argus Embedded system has proven track record for developing R&D products which are best and unique in industry. Argus has worked on very wide range of technologies including radio frequency , electro-magnetics, analogue semiconductors, digital and microprocessor chips, , sensors, actuators, digital signal processors, opto-electronics and photonics, displays, embedded software, power supplies and antennae.

Argus Embedded Systems also worked on various FPGA platforms used for Industrial control, advance sensing, data acquisition, SCADA & SoC prototyping applications. Argus embedded system focus is End to End product design including system and sub-system manufacturing. Argus Embedded System  has design and developed product for telecom, communications, defense and aerospace, Industrial, computing and medical electronics. If you enroll through Argus Embedded Systems –Build your Own Product– Program, we will be offering flat rate discount on the final manufactured product. This is applicable only for new customers. Argus Embedded System  is India’s leading company in providing electronic product design services for Industrial, Networking & Telecom and Defense domains. Our professional team of experts in India, USA and UK are available via phone or email for your consultation. 
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